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There Will Be A Sequel To The Sundance Haunter ‘The Pact’

While the first film felt like the short stretched into a feature, there were some genuinely scary moments in Nicholas McCarthy’s Sundance haunter The Pact. It apparently did well internationally as Content has commenced pre-sales on horror title The Pact 2 at the ongoing EFM, stated Screen Daily.

Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath wrote and will direct the sequel, which starts shooing in spring.

The sequel takes place weeks after Annie Barlow’s confrontation with the Judas Killer from the first film. In Pact 2 a new protagonist, June, is terrified by lucid nightmares that impact on her waking life.

The sequel marks the second film produced through Preferred Film & TV, the joint venture created by Content and Preferred Content. Preferred Film & TV’s Ross M Dinerstein will produce and Content’s Jamie Carmichael and The Pact writer-director Nicholas McCarthy serve as executive producers.

The Pact is now available here in the States via IFC Film.



  • Aaron Emery

    THE PACT was great but I can’t picture a sequel.

    • djblack1313

      Aaron i agree 100%.

  • diapers

    Something about The Pact really tweaked me, I was biting nails and hiding my eyes for the first time in quite a while. But yeah, a sequel… I dunno. The first movie was so specific to the particular house and family back story. I wonder how the story line could be extended into another feature. Hmm.

    • djblack1313

      diapers, same here! very few movies ever have me on the edge of my seat but THE PACT did. i also agree that the first movie’s events/antagonist/protagonists seemed VERY specific to that house/that family.

  • anthonyd1

    I really enjoyed The Pact, it was different and very original. There were also some freaky moments that left me on the edge of my seat. I was pissed that Iw waited until it was on Netflix to watch it because it really is a hidden gem of 2012. That being said, we do not need a sequel, the story was completely solved and I really think it only applied to the specific family with the dead mother. I do not want to see some stupid tacked connection to a different family and have the same events rehashed. When will they learn to let a good movie stand on its own.

  • KeepDoubting

    I am absolutely astonished at the amount of praise this movie is getting. When I first saw the trailer I was very excited for it, and then I finally got around to seeing it and I thought it was average at best.

    • horrorking95

      Same here. It seemed like they put all the parts where something actually happens in the trailer! I remember sitting there thinking, when is something going to happen? I had a sudden realisation that I had been watching a film with a woman slowly walking around a house for an hour! I didn’t like it much at all!

      • Nothing333

        I completely agree. It was a completely average b flick, that didn’t do anything new at all yet avoided being completely terrible.

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