There Will Be A Sequel To The Sundance Haunter 'The Pact' - Bloody Disgusting
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There Will Be A Sequel To The Sundance Haunter ‘The Pact’



While the first film felt like the short stretched into a feature, there were some genuinely scary moments in Nicholas McCarthy’s Sundance haunter The Pact. It apparently did well internationally as Content has commenced pre-sales on horror title The Pact 2 at the ongoing EFM, stated Screen Daily.

Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath wrote and will direct the sequel, which starts shooing in spring.

The sequel takes place weeks after Annie Barlow’s confrontation with the Judas Killer from the first film. In Pact 2 a new protagonist, June, is terrified by lucid nightmares that impact on her waking life.

The sequel marks the second film produced through Preferred Film & TV, the joint venture created by Content and Preferred Content. Preferred Film & TV’s Ross M Dinerstein will produce and Content’s Jamie Carmichael and The Pact writer-director Nicholas McCarthy serve as executive producers.

The Pact is now available here in the States via IFC Film.