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10 Love Stories Gone Horribly Wrong

With love in the air on Valentine’s Day, this list explores romantic love that turns out to be train wreck. What happens when forbidden romance turns into tragedy? Or when love at first sight doesn’t turn out the way you expected? Sometimes, emotions turn to obsession and the romance doesn’t end with a satisfying ending. Below are our top love stories gone wrong in comics.

1) Severed (Image Comics)

The budding romance between Jack and Samantha is about to be interrupted when a demonic serial killer known as The Salesman crosses their paths. Writers Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft delve into the awkwardness of a childhood crush and first kiss. Artist Attila Futaki illustrates a wonderfully scenic but foreboding illustration as Jack and Samantha share a kiss, while the sun is setting in the background.

2) Sin City: That Yellow Bastard (Dark Horse Comics)

Detective John Hartigan sacrifices his wife and career to save 11-year-old Nancy Callahan from a psychotic killer. After being released from prison, Hartigan must rescue an older Nancy from the same killer. Writer/artist Frank Miller presents an ultraviolent pulpy narrative where “an old man dies, a young girl lives” is a fair trade.

3) Y: The Last Man: Unmanned (Vertigo Comics)

Yorick Brown was about to propose to his girlfriend when the entire male population suddenly died. As the last human male on Earth, Yorick searches for his missing fiancée as the rest of society crumbles. Brian K. Vaughan’s nonlinear storytelling is well-matched by Pia Guerra’s artistic style.

4) Batman: Hush (DC Comics)

Just when Batman and Catwoman are becoming more intimate, their romantic feelings are put to a halt by the mysterious stalked called Hush. As Huh unites all the Batman villains, writer Jeph Loeb keeps the readers on the edge of their seat, especially when Jason Todd returns from the dead. Artist Jim Lee’s unforgettable artwork is a major reason “Hush” must be picked up.

5) Sandman: Season of Mists (Vertigo Comics)

Morpheus must travel to Hell and release his former lover, Nada, from her prison. But when the Devil decides to sell Hell, Morpheus must go through the highest bidder to save Nada’s soul. Neil Gaiman’s eloquent and sophisticated dialogue is evenly matched by Kelly Jones’ breathtaking illustrations.

6) Grim Leaper (Image Comics)

In a never-ending cycle, Lou Collins dies and is newly resurrected into a stranger’s body. But when he meets Ella, will Lou stick around longer or will he get his head chopped off again? Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe lets loose on the morbid humor and artist Aluísio C. Santos brings in the gore to this unlikely romantic comedy.

7) Kill Your Boyfriend (Vertigo Comics)

A young schoolgirl is seduced by a stranger to kill her overweight and uncaring boyfriend. Grant Morrison captivates the readers as the gun-toting lovers commit violent crimes across Britain. Inspired by True Romance and Natural Born Killers, artist Philip Bond captures the dark days of teen angst and rebellion.

8 ) Hellboy: The Storm and The Fury (Dark Horse Comics)

Just when Hellboy is enjoying himself with his new love, Alice Monaghan, the apocalypse happens. Writer Mike Mignola promises no happy ending as Hellboy fights to the death against The Dragon. Artist Duncan Fegredo shocks readers when Alice witnesses Hellboy die right in front of her eyes.

9) Hellblazer: Haunted (Vertigo Comics)

When John Constantine discovers his ex-girlfriend, Isabel, was murdered, he searches for the magician who killed her. Even if he finds her killer, Constantine must find a way for Isabel’s soul to find peace. Writer Warren Ellis and artist John Higgins mesmerize readers as the inconsolable Constantine struggles to find closure as he remembers the good/bad times with Isabel.

10) Hack/Slash: Me Without You (Image Comics)

After living alone for so many years, Vlad thought he found a true friend with Mari. In this origin tale, Tim Seeley presents Vlad as an outsider wanting to belong to a world that doesn’t want him. Artist Daniel Leister delivers the somber illustrations as Vlad learns what it means to be heart-broken.

List by Jorge Solis



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