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5 Horror Sequels We’d Love To See!!!

Not all sequels are welcome, seeing as many of them besmirch some of our otherwise favorite films and/or franchises. Most of the time we can count on franchises to burn themselves out anyway. Freddy’s Dead and Jason Goes To Hell were never really on anyone’s wish list, were they? Are you really glad you saw Seed Of Chucky or do you think that Child’s Play might be better regarded today if it had remained a standalone film?

Still, there are a few amazing films out there that remain un-sequelized. Don’t get me wrong – I recognize that it’s almost a mathematical impossibility for any of these proposed sequels to supersede the quality of the originals – I’m merely talking about a few follow-ups that we’d simply have to go see, despite the inevitable promise of disappointment. Alas, every single one of these (save for one) is a fantasy pipe dream.

Head inside for 5 Horror Sequels We’d Love To See!!!


The only way this could have worked in the first place would be if it were actually a prequel. How cool would it be to spend some more time on the road with Severen and the gang? Sadly, the time for this one has come and gone. Time has marched on since 1987. Kathryn Bigelow is now an oscar winner for The Hurt Locker (and her Zero Dark Thirty was one of the best films of 2012). Without her it would be nearly impossible to recreate the atmosphere that made the first film so special. Not to mention the fact that Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein, Joshua Miller and Jenny Wright have aged out of their roles. Not that they don’t look good, mind you. It’s just that vampires can’t age even one day.


Yes, I’m talking about a sequel to the 2009 Platinum Dunes film. I can’t help myself, I f*cking loved it. It’s easily the best Dunes film, not to mention the fact that it’s better than half of the original entries. I also really dug the proposed idea of setting it during winter at Crystal Lake. Nothing would excite me more than Jason killing people in the snow. It’s amazing how simple the most purely rewarding ideas are – he didn’t need to go to space, we just needed some sodium polyacrylate.


How great would it be to have a few more films with old-school Freddy before he devolved into an unscary huckster? In fact, as much as I love Dream Warriors, I’d suggest backpedaling a bit from that film’s fantasy elements. I’d want more of Krueger in the shadows, in scarier dream settings. I feel like the series sort of skipped its rightful natural sequel in that regard. Freddy’s Revenge gets a lot right tonally, but it ceases to make any sense fairly quickly. And again, while Dream Warriors is amazing, it’s not actually very scary. My sense of juvenile entitlement would like to author a version of Part Four that actually returns him to his most interesting and menacing state.


Of course I wouldn’t want to actually unmask The Strangers. Getting to know them as characters, their motives, their hopes and dreams… well that would ruin everything. I’m just tired of putting a “2” after things. But seriously, I wouldn’t mind a sequel. It remains an incredibly scary film and a sequel could actually improve upon the original if they upped the ante by creating protagonists more resilient and combative than Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman’s characters. On that front, we might be in luck. A second Strangers film is in development, though it seems to be coming along slowly.


Okay, so Big Trouble In Little China wasn’t exactly a horror film. But the sequel would have been! I want to see Jack Burton battle it out with whatever the f*ck it was hiding in the back of his truck in the first film!

What are some sequels YOU want to see?



  • divisionbell

    I agree on pretty much all of these. Near Dark was perfect and I’d love a prequel.

    The big one for me would be a F13th sequel. The remake was excellent and it blows my mind they haven’t done a sequel yet. Has no one showed up to restore the old camp crystal lake?? The only thing the remake was missing was a full camp setting which would be so easy to run with.

    • Brian

      It amazes me how the TCM 2012 remake can have 6 more sequels planned already even though it was complete crap, yet F13 which was a good remake gets thrown in production hell. -_-

      • TwistedCritic

        From what I understand Platinum Dunes is solely to blame for this; they have a history of remaking dormant horror franchises, only to leave them in the dust after just one entry (the sole exception being their Chainsaw prequel). I’m sure the Nightmare remake’s lackluster reception had something to do with them stalling on the Friday front, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with it, since the Friday remake was much better.

  • dr.lamb

    I am no fan of the remake, but I would be in for a “Friday the 13th” sequel. Just because it would be the 13th film in the saga (if you count “Jason vs. Freddy”).
    I can live without another “Nightmare” though.
    But I could imagine a different “Hellraiser: Bloodline”. The storyline had so much potential, but the chaotic screenplay and the low budget killed it. I would do it without Pinhead (no on can replace Bradley) and go with the female cenobite as leader, as it was planned in the first place.

  • frankstark

    would be interesting to see jason killing people in the snow, shame they are working a sequel to a nightmare on elm street. a sequel i would love to see is a much better sequel to return of the living dead, or a prequel which explains the events that made night of the living dead a true story.

  • c4darkmane

    Fri13th prt2 100%, another freddy mmm maybe.
    Strangers 2 well what i’d do is have a nice family, suddenly getting stalked and terrorised by a lady if done right u don’t have to show much of the familys face and the the reveal would a scared up somewhat deranged Liv tyler psyco revenge lady because its the strangers family….
    Big trouble could still be done, Jack Burton could be a cranky 50/60 bloke doing his thing. heros can be old in my mind anyway.

  • horrorking95

    I heard somewhere that a sequel to the Friday the 13th remake was going to happen and it was going to be found footage or something. I know the whole found footage thing is getting old, but I think it could be an interesting idea with Jason and breathe a bit of new life into the formula. The remake was no masterpiece but it was entertaining slasher fun!

  • EvanDickson

    LOL – just for the record… I am NOT suggesting ANOTHER NOES sequel. I’m just wishing that PART 4 had been different.

  • Aaron Emery

    The F13 remake was great, I believe it worked so well because it was a simple/basic FRIDAY film without too much added story. THE STRANGERS is one of my favorite films from the past decade and my absolute favorite home invasion film. While I don’t NEED to see a sequel (it works perfect as a single film) I would still enjoy it, though it was the suspense and atmosphere that made the first work and I’m not sure it could be done again.
    I think the NOES remake had its heart in the right place, it attempted the serious tone that Craven’s original had and also had some interesting ideas of its own. Unfortunately it was executed terrible and ultimately fell flat. Another film, either a sequel to the remake or part of the original series, would be hard to pull off due to the failure that the remake was. I mean, it could definitely be done but its just not plausible.

  • EvilHead1981

    The problem with the NOES remake was that the guiding visionary, Sam Bayer, pretty much stated his contempt for the original series(even making fun of it in certain occasions) and acted like horror, in general, was beneath him. To put a guy like that in charge of something big like a reboot of NOES is a no-no. I DO think we need a return to form as far as NOES is concerned, and I don’t think we’d get that with PD and it’s “Let’s just toss any old MTV music video director into the mix and see what happens” frame of thought. Who ever heads the next reboot(or revisit, if they ever attempt to go back to the original series), it’s GOT to be someone who’s a fan of the series and knows enough of it to KNOW what makes it good. I really think you DO need that kind of fan love when tackling important titles like NOES, because you CAN inject new ideas, but if you aren’t really familiar or have that love, there is SO MUCH you can just get wrong. It’s a mismatch. It would be like getting Michael Bay to direct War & Peace. Just can’t see that happening.

    After watching Big Trouble in Little China, I totally wanted a sequel. As a kid, watching that movie, it was actually like “Action Beat ’em Up Video Game: The Movie!”, like a if there was a video game made into a movie, that would be it(interestingly enough, I heard it was made into a game or something, a rare one). Though, when I RECENTLY watched the movie, I said to myself, “If there was a sequel, could they inject another Asian culture’s mythology to the mix? Maybe ‘Big Trouble in Little Tokyo’?”.

  • MachetAY

    Good call on F13th. So much more could have been done with that. I would love to see another….

    Night of the Creeps (not Slither)
    Hammers version of The Mummy

    I would flat out love to see a heavily 70’s themed prequal to Dawn of the Dead. Not so much Flyboy and Ken but more about the bikers. Seems like it would be right up Rob Zombies ally and thats something in line with what he’s good at.

  • HallMy

    I’d love to see a sequel to the original My Bloody Valentine! That was a great film! I read where the original director had written a script for the sequel that would’ve starred Lori Hallier (Sarah) as the sheriff and Paul Kelman (TJ) as her husband. Its 30 years later and the Hanniger Mine is all mined out, so TJ turns the mine into an scary amusment ride ride based on the Harry Warden and Axel Palmer murders that happened decades ago. Except that before it opens, Axel comes home.

    Also, I’d like to see a sequel with the remake of My Bloody Valentine. I read that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer had already a completed screenplay that would’ve been a kick ass story and would’ve featured a real, blood-splattered massacre the likes of which has never been filmed.

    Alas, it is not to be…because the studio decided not to do a sequel even though it generated a lot of money.

    • SuperKilla

      I agree, just watched the original last night and can’t belive another sequal in the 80’s was not made, it had the open endng.

      The remake also had that great ending to continue the story.
      Lussier and Farmer know how to make a proper slsher film.

  • Erebus Dirge

    Yeah Near Dark Prequel definitely,Something set maybe in the old west where most of the gang comes from.

    Also I would’ve loved a whole series of Jack Burton Movies getting in more and more bizarre situations, that no one belives when he relates the tales on his CB. An Adventure in a Chilli Festival in Mexico, involving a Mayan Death Cult, brainwashing zombifying Chilli and Super powered Lucadores – Call it something like Ancient Evil in New Mexico.

    • dr.lamb

      A prequel set in the Old West with Henriksen as the only one from the Original, maybe with a different crew that gets killed one after the other, with him as sole survivor. They could make that one, because Henriksen is the only cast member that still looks the same, haha 😉

  • Chris from Rockport Review

    The Shining 2: Back to the Lookout

    • EvanDickson


    • lovezoid

      There is a Shining book sequel coming so Hollywood won’t be far behind, surely

      • Justen

        Yes! Can’t wait for Doctor Sleep.

  • djblack1313

    the only one i’m interested in is the F13 part 2 sequel. i really liked the F13 reboot.

  • Zombie-Killa

    I know I might be in the minority with this one, but I would LOVE to see a sequel for the My Bloody Valentine 3D remake. I still adore the remake to this day, and the ending had such a great cliffhanger!!!! You would’ve sworn Tom was dead, but he made it out alive!!!

    And I’m going throw in two recent picks, because I finally saw both movies over the weekend: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters & Mama. I, loved, loved, loved, LOVED Witch Hunters, and the ending is clearly setting up a sequel. And I was really surprised by Mama, but there’s some room to work with another movie.

    And since we’re on the subject of sequels….. I know it’s been done already, but has anybody ever seen the original Fright Night 2 on here? I’m asking because I’ve never seen it, and I’m wondering how it is quality wise. This is the only place, where I feel comfortable asking such a question, because I trust the horror community! lol.

    • dr.lamb

      I like Bloody Valentine 3D too, but I cannot see where they could go with a sequel.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Yeah, I know it would be a stretch dr.lamb, BUT three of the most important main characters are still alive, so they should be able salvage SOMETHING.

        • dr.lamb

          Yes, if they have a good idea, I would not mind. Its just my own imagination that fails to see it.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, i’d love an MBV3D sequel!! most definitely!

      • Zombie-Killa

        Yes!!!! I have two people now, and with me that makes three(corny rhyme, I know)! Let’s start a petition, and make this a reality! lol.

        • Aaron Emery

          I’m all for it too, MBV3D was a lot of fun (I’m still unsure if I liked the ending, but that’s beside the point) I would love to see Lussier and Farmer do another one.

    • SuperKilla

      Count me in.

    • lovezoid

      Re: Fright Night 2 – its not a patch on the original…it doesn’t have Ed for a start! I found it quite dull and slow-paced in comparison. Its still 80s horror with decent practical effects though, and it has some kooky 80s sidekicks, so I think it’s worth a look just on those merits.

  • lovezoid

    Braindead 2!!! Now Peter Jackson has all the money.

    Would love to see them keep Jason alive and have a bit more fun with a sequel, get into some unfamiliar territory. Same goes for Freddy. I just watched Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 again last night, and I know it pisses a lot of people off, but at least its an interesting take, and it takes itself very seriously. It would be cool to see some good directors really take risks and try and make THEIR version of the stories, the same way as Halloween 2’s Myers is all Zombie. These franchises are so shitty for the most part, they’ve done everything, why not take some chances?

    • frankstark

      if peter jackson did a braindead 2 it would probley be a quasi remake/sequel like evil dead 2.

      • lovezoid

        That’s kinda along the lines of what I was thinking, like Braindead MK II. I’d kinda rather see a different story though, set in the 70s or something. One thing I loved about Braindead is that it was actually a really cool little 50s New Zealand period piece as well as a splatter-horror, PJ shows a lot of care toward creating those worlds (e.g. Christchurch in Heavenly Creatures, New York in Kong). I’d just hope it wasn’t quite as polished as Sam Raimi’s return to horror with Drag Me to Hell, I was a bit disappointed with that.

  • frankstark

    how about the sequel to the remake of the 1988 blob movie when the first one left in open ended and hinted in the end of the movie when the preacher was holding the jar with the remains of the blob creature. and also a better sequel to the remake of the thing when john carpenter proposed for.

    • Falk

      I agree. Both of those movies were great.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Hmmm my list would be something like this:

    1. The Strangers 2 – The first one was such a great set up for what could have been a intriguing storyline. I was so interested in the 3 killers, I just wanted more. I know part 2 is in development hell right now and it worries me that if it ever sees the light of day it will be just a rushed through straight-to-dvd abomination because its taking so long for it to go anywhere.
    2. My Bloody Valentine Part 2 – agreeing with Zombie-Killa 🙂 I loved that movie and I really believed that Lionsgate should of gave a sequel a chance.. but they chose to continue the Saw Franchise *sigh* Story wise, I think they had a few places they could have gone.
    3. Friday 13th Part 2 – That remake, in my opinion, got a lot of things right. It still puzzles me that we never got a sequel. C’MON!! I could live without another NOES but I seriously thought they were going places with Jason.
    4. Jeepers Creepers 3 – This will never happen but dammit I wanted it to happen so bad.
    5. Scream 5 – Because Im a Scream fanatic, and I really wanted to see what Kevin would have done in the new trilogy since he mapped out Scream 4-6. *sigh* I feel like this will never happen either.
    Bonus: 28 Months Later: Did I set my hopes too high? Oh..

    • SuperKilla

      Agree with “Scream 5”

    • lovezoid

      Yes on 28 Months Later! As long as they take as much care as they did to make it its own thing, like with ‘Days’ and ‘Weeks’. Get Alex Garland back to write a post-apocalyptic, global, or even just European, story.

  • Aaron Emery

    I wouldn’t mind a sequel to BEHIND THE MASK, the first one was great and there’s definitely room for more.

    I may be alone on this one (okay I KNOW I’m alone on this one) but I would love to see a sequel to HOUSE OF WAX (remake)! Why the hell does everyone hate on that movie?!?

    • SuperKilla

      Behind the Mask, another great idea for a sequel.

    • lovezoid

      They’re already trying to make a new Leslie Vernon movie, I’m so fucking all for it:

    • SuperKilla

      “House of Wax” remake was a good horror film. I’m not sure if I’d like a sequel but I’m with you on liking the first one.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Yes! I LOVE House of Wax! I remember wanting a sequel so badly shortly after it came out. One of my favorite movies to come out of the 2000-2009 era.

      • dr.lamb

        I seem not to be alone. I also found “House of Wax” hoghly entertaining. And there is plenty of room for a sequel.

  • SuperKilla

    “Constantine” Sequel would be nice and I’ve been waiting for a “Phantsm 5” film.

    I’d also like to see a prequel to “Death Proof” with a lot more Stuntman Mike McKay slashing bitches up with his car of choice.

  • greedgiver

    I’d love to see a Nightbreed sequel. The set up was there to bring back zipper face, and the sequel could be more of a monster vs. monster vs. human. I think about this all the time and the potential for a second movie is HUGE.

  • SuperKilla

    “Freddy vs. Jason 2” with Robert England and Kane Hodder and no lame dialog.

  • Phantasm 5
    Evil Dead 4
    Feast 4
    Piranha 3DDD
    Cemetary Man 2
    Christine 2
    Re-animator 4
    They Live, Again!…
    and what ever happened to the Toolbox Murders sequel? that was a pretty good flick

  • ThunderDragoon

    Jeepers Creepers 3 will be at the top of my list until it gets made. I completely agree with you on The Strangers 2 and Friday the 13th Part 2. Those need to get made soon. Frankly, I don’t understand what’s taking them so long. They both made great numbers at the box office.

    Anyway, other movies I’d like to see a sequel to are: Halloween (don’t know why it’s taking so long for Halloween 3D to get made), My Bloody Valentine 3D (like others said up there), Dead Silence (I thought the movie was so chilling, I loved it), House of Wax (even though I already commented about it above), Stay Alive (I know most people hated it, but I loved the story and would love to see a sequel), Ju-on (after the terrible Old Lady in White and Girl in Black, it would be nice to see Kayako’s legacy return), The Grudge (the 3rd was pretty good for a direct to video release, but I would love to see Kayako on the big screen again; even if they have to reboot it), A Nightmare on Elm Street remake (again, most people hated it, but I loved everything about it except for the make-up, which I will never stop complaining about lol).

    And finally, Child’s Play, which I’m so happy that they’ve made Curse of Chucky! Back to Chucky’s roots and with Don Mancini and Brad Dourif back. I’m bummed that it’s straight to DVD, but I’m very happy that it was made. I’ll be one of the first in line to pick it up when October rolls around.

  • Justen

    I can see a Friday the 13th sequel being fun only because it’s a traditional slasher film and I’d be in it for the creative kills and what not. Those types of movies are always entertaining to sit through, even if the plots don’t make sense and the acting is barely tolerable. A Strangers prequel would be pretty cool too, but not knowing their identity is what made the movie so successful, so I’m not sure that would be received well.

  • anthonyd1

    I have a soft spot for horror movie sequels and there are so many I want to be made. I would do anything to see these films on the big screen again. OK here we go:

    Friday The 13th Part 2- It would be awesome in the winter.

    The Strangers- The first one scared the crap out of me.

    A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2- I liked some aspects of original and I want Freddy Back!

    The Ring 3D- Only horror movie that would be awesome in 3D

    Scream 5-I need another one. Im obsessed with Sydney and Gale.

    I Know What You Did Last Summer-Ignore the 3rd dtv sequel and bring back Julie and Ray

    Jeepers Creepers 3- The Creeper is an awesome villain.

    Texas Chainsaw- I am the only one who enjoyed the new one lol. but i wasn’t another one

    My Bloody Valentine 3D- The remake was the most fun I had at the movies in 2009 and they left it wide open.

    I really want all these movies to be made in the near future!!! Please

  • HorrorFromDownUnder

    What the hell? Are you drunk or high? The Friday 13th remake was utter poop.

  • SuperKilla

    Final Destination 6

    Cabin in the Woods Prequel- I would love to see what else the organization did to other people

    And I would like to see Andrew Divoff play the Wishmaster again.

    • Darkness69

      Hell Yeah to the Cabin in the Woods & Wishmaster idea! Andrew Divoff’s voice alone is worthy enough of another sequel!

    • SuperKilla

      Definetly Divoff’s best role.

  • kwillz

    friday the 13th part 2

    28 months later

  • Bloody Bill

    Return of the living Dead (remake) – Jaws – Poltergiest – Nightmare on Elm st, with Robert E. (one last time) – Cujo – Night of the Comet – Critters – Grimlins, rated (R)

  • Prof.-Lumpcicle

    F13 was trash. A sequel would probably be superior, so I’d be in for it. Or they can wait another 5 years and just reboot the series again.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    I would welcome a sequel to the Friday remake, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great, either, in my opinion. But Jason is a character they actually got right, unlike Michael and Freddy in their remakes. Also, agree on Scream 5 and The Strangers 2 and Jeepers Creepers 3 if it’s not like the second one.

  • daruckus

    I’d like to see a sequel to Friday the 13th but the remake was seriously flawed. What the hell did Jason do for all those years? Why did he JUST start taking stuff from that barn? And why didn’t he kill that pothead in the barn sooner?

    And you mean to tell me that your family owns this awesome cabin and nobody has been killed there until now? Wtf? With some obvious script changes the film would’ve been more “plausible”. Eh, on second thought I don’t really want a sequel. It would probably make less sense.

  • daruckus

    Oh and a Cabin In The Woods prequel sounds awesome. Highly unlikely, or at least it would probably not go as well as we’d hope as I’m sure Whedon would want nothing to do with it, but tasty sounding nonetheless. These are more likely and also wanted:

    Jeepers Creepers 3
    Trick ‘r Treat 2
    Prometheus 2
    Stitches 2
    28 Months Later

    • Shrike

      Jeepers creepers 3: Cathedral is down on imdb for release later this year, maybe in the summer??

  • neonboy702

    my top 5…………1=gremlins 3 less camp more bloodshed lol! 2= a scary Jurassic park sequel maybe with dino sharks or mutant dinos! 3= beetlejuice! less singing more mayhem.4=freddy vs jason 2: battle royal calling all maniacs!5=An American Werewolf in Tokyo

  • Trent-Reznor

    Night Breed
    From Beyond
    The Keep
    The Howling
    Cat People
    The list could go on and on.

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