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A Second Clip From ‘The Lords Of Salem’ Gets Coughed Up!

A second clip (via EW) has been released from Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, which stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davidson, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Dee Wallace, Maria Conchita Alonso, Judy Gleeson, Meg Foster and Griffin Boice. This is actually a more substantial clip than last time, with a good look at – well whatever those things are. Still, I have to say, I’m not yet sold. Thanks to reader DownNola1995 for the heads up!

From the singular mind of horror maestro Rob Zombie comes a chilling plunge into a nightmare world where evil runs in the blood. The Lords of Salem tells the tale of Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio station DJ living in Salem, Massachusetts, who receives a strange wooden box containing a record, a “gift from the Lords.” Heidi listens, and the bizarre sounds within the grooves immediately trigger flashbacks of the town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the “Lords of Salem” returning for revenge on modern-day Salem?

Here’s Brad’s review out of TIFF, as well as Mike’s more positive take. The Lords Of Salem is in limited theaters (New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Detroit) April 19 from Anchor Bay Films.

Check out tons of images here. Click on the image below for the clip!



  • betz


  • djblack1313

    i have to admit that clip was pretty fucking creepy!

  • Justen

    Rob Zombie has established a certain feel and look to his movies that I love and really appreciate. I’m sure this is gonna be a real treat.

  • DeathFromAbove

    Nice! Very Lucio Fulci.

  • divisionbell

    This might be interesting if his wife wasn’t one of the worst actresses of all time. She’s just awful (though cute in house of a 1000 corpses). Also if the man knew how to actually write a script that isn’t just white trash idiots swearing constantly

    He has some good stuff (the man knows how to do a good murder) but he really needs an editor bad.

  • Joe-Banger

    divisionbell said it best, and that looks like the same clip thats already been palyed on here before. Im still seeing this film!

  • STRIK9

    This looks dope. I like all of Zombie’s shit, I don’t care what these other weak ass hoes say about his work. He’s got this trick or treat/shining thing with this film and it looks cool from the clips I’ve seen.

  • Aaron Emery

    Well that was delightfully creepy! Now, I have something to say to all of you fuckers, leave Sheri Moon alone! She gets a lot of shit around here that I don’t feel she deserves, in Zombie’s H1 she was the only actor that I could tolerate watching and her scenes in the hospital and her suicide were some of the best scenes in that movie! She was creepy as fuck as Baby Firefly in HOUSE and REJECTS. I’m kind of excited to see how she does in a leading role, especially with Zombie taking a (seemingly) different approach to this material than his previous films. I both hate and love every one of you, fuck you all and have a very pleasant night, you deserve it 🙂

    • divisionbell

      She fit the role in House and she was tolerable in Halloween and that’s it. She’s a terrible, terrible actress.

      • Aaron Emery

        I’m not saying she’s the next Meryl Streep or anything, hell I myself don’t think she is some god-given gift to the film industry. There is just so many legitimately BAD actors around that are making millions. I feel like the negativity towards both Sheri Moon and Rob Zombie is more of a bandwagon hatred, people trash Zombie because that is what they’re supposed to do. I can respect any ones opinion but damn, as soon as somebody gives me an original reason for not liking Zombie’s films (discussing the dialogue is not original, it’s something you heard somebody else say and went with it) I’m going to call bullshit on everyone. Sorry for being so blunt about it but how can anyone sit there using criticisms that aren’t your own?
        I never hear or read a compliment on how well some of his shots are framed. Maybe one other person out there (DJ) has agreed with me about H2 and how powerful the death of Annie (director’s cut) was! You don’t see genuine emotion in a slasher film like what was shown here. I don’t care for H1 but you can’t deny the death of the bully in the beginning wasn’t very well done. I’m one of the few that prefers HOUSE over REJECTS, but again, there’s no denying that it was a well made throwback to TCSM type stuff. Was the hospital scene in H2 (though a dream) not intense? How about the eerie final shot going down the overly long room in the institution? Is anyone still reading this? The shot in HOUSE near the end, the closeup of Mary’s (I think it was her, been awhile) eye and the left side of her face as she is being stalked from behind? How about in the same movie when the cops and Mary’s father go to the house? The long, hold-your-breath moment before the officer is shot? Maybe the irrelevant but oddly well placed music throughout that entire scene?
        Want to know what’s discouraging? Writing this much and realizing this is a second page news story and nobody is going to read it. Fuck.

        • divisionbell

          Not its not and that’s a weak way to write off a legitimate complaint. Watch the opening scene with young Michael Meyers and his family. The crap spewing out of the step father’s mouth is not good writing. It’s bad any way you slice it. No one actually talks the way his character do in real life. Well some do, but the majority of the people in his films all speak the same way. I admit that there is a definite bandwagon, but after he butchered Halloween it really did start with good reason.

          He can clearly handle disturbing themes and excellent murders, but he needs someone to give him real dialogue that makes his characters believable. Until then, it’s just a bunch of one-note, white trash idiots that you just can’t care about. If you’re going to do horror movies, you need characters the audience can invest in, otherwise the horror has no impact. He’s not completely terrible at all, but he has a lot of work to do.

          My biggest issue with Sherri moon is that there are lots of good actresses that could fill her roles. Yes there are tons of bad ones, but that doesn’t excuse him trying to turn his ex-porn wife into an actress. If you’re going to keep putting an actres in key roles (or front stage in Salem) you better make sure she can meet the demands and Sherri can’t. She’s just not believable.

        • divisionbell

          And I completely agree with you on his filming styles. I love his style. The unrated death of Annie was perfect. Just like the death of the nurse was one of the most intense murders I’ve ever seen. My only complaint with rob is his dialogue and I think that’s fair.

          • Aaron Emery

            I can agree with you on the dialogue, it’s totally unrealistic and I wanted to kill Laurie Strode myself. I was just stating that the dialogue is the first thing people use as a reason to bash the guys directing, it’s the writing that should be getting criticism. I can admit that in terms if writing Sheri Moon had absolutely nothing to work with, it’s still up in the air to me if she can legitimately act or not, because I haven’t seen her play a real person yet.
            I may sound like a huge Zombie fan but I assure you, I’m not. I do watch House from time to time but don’t really have the desire to watch REJECTS and I do enjoy H2 and have seen it several times, I refuse to watch H1 again because it is just trashy. BUT I can honestly say that each film had some serious *directing* skills involved, his films a gorgeously shot! I believe his heart was in the right place on HALLOWEEN but he didn’t go all the way with it. Either the Weinstein’s limited the creative freedom he had (most likely) and opted for the second half to be a direct remake, or he got scared and did the second half to “please” fans. I think the film would have been better if it had chosen a direction to go. At the 45 minute mark I had no reason to care about Laurie and had I not seen the original wouldn’t have know why the fuck we were suddenly following her so closely. I think if you sat down and maybe even wrote something alongside another writer using his ideas and cleaning up the trailer trash talk a little bit he has potential to make a quality film. I still stand by everything I said in regards to his directing and Sheri Moon. I appreciate having an intelligent debate though, so thank you! Always good to go back and forth like this 🙂

          • divisionbell

            And I thank you 🙂

            Most responses tend to be someone cursing and it’s hard to have a real discussion.

            I absolutely agree with you. As you are not a BIG Zombie fan, I am not a BIG hater. I agree he has skill and I hope he continues to evolve.

        • WalkingDeadGuy

          It’s definitely not “bandwagon” hatred. I think most people actually want the guy to pull off another good movie. I loved ‘Devil’s Rejects’, in fact, I thought it was a pretty amazing film with some decent writing. However, all of his other films have been SO bad that it’s unforgiving. Sure you can take each film apart and find good things in each of them, but the bad always outdoes the good in his movies.

          Even with my dislike for his horror library, I will still give ‘Lords’ a chance, I like the idea, and the look of the film, but every scene with Sheri has been legitimately hard to watch. She just can’t act and if he’s going to keep making films, he’ll need to put his foot down and tell her she can’t be in them.

    • KorovaMilkbar

      I strangely like her and her characters. but then again, I like zombie films 🙂 if i was some crazy ax murdering blonde, yet happy cheerleader type, I would want to look like her!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Ugh, the girl just can’t act and it’s very distracting.

  • doomas10

    Jesus – that was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • djblack1313

    Divisionbell & Aaron i actually agree w/ you both. without getting too much into it now…regarding what Divisionbell said about sympathetic/relatable, Rob definitely has it in him to bring us a character we genuinely love/care about as seen in H2 (Danielle’s ANNIE). her death was so fucking devastating and disturbing (and it showed hardly ANYTHING from the kill!) because we cared about Annie (she was relatable/likable). also Danielle is so lovable/sweet and she brought that to the Annie role. i also agree w/ Divisionbell regarding Octavia Spencer’s NURSE DANIELS’S kill. easily one of the most horrific/disturbing deaths i’ve ever seen (Zombie got this whole scene/kill PERFECTLY! also Octavia was so sweet/likable). so Zombie CAN have characters be likable/non-white trash/sympathetic but for some reason he doesn’t want them in his films or Annie & Nurse Daniels’s sympathetic characters happened by accident! LOL.

    i really love Sheri Moon as a person. the fact she (and Scout) were in the march for gay rights meant a lot to me (as a gay man). so she’s a good person (not just for being pro-gay! LOL). her acting i admit is hit or miss. i thought she was VERY good in H1. she was also very natural/good in THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (granted it wasn’t a large role). overall i don’t think she’s a good actress. i think she has moments (depending on the role/movie/director) that are real/believable/good but she also has just as many (maybe more so) bad/not believable/etc.

    i’m not angry/bothered that she is the key role in this movie but i admit i would’ve liked to see Zombie cast a better actress FOR THIS LEAD ROLE! lol. her scenes in H1 weren’t many so there was less chance of Sheri not selling the scene/shot. in SALEM it’s crucial that Sheri (or ANY actress who would have the role) is believable/good. i already felt like (in this clip above) her coughing looked off/fake (i swear i’m not trying to nit-pick! LOL).

    i’m not a fan of Zombie’s music and i really only like his H1 and especially H2 (I CAN’T HELP IT!! lol. I JUST LOVE HOW OUT THERE THE MOVIE IS, ALONG WITH THE KILLS. ALSO THE VISUALS/CINEMATOGRAPHY are excellent!) but i love to see him work with a co-writer or just direct someone else’s script/writing altogether. he has talent in making eye candy/raw nerve type films. RES EVIL’s writer/director Paul Anderson i feel the same about. he’s good at great visuals but sucks ass at writing. lol.

    sorry for the long post.

    • Aaron Emery

      hey, don’t apologize for a long post, the more writing the more insight! I wish he (Zombie) would listen to the genre fans for a change, I don’t know maybe he did with this one, and AT LEAST let somebody have a pass at one of his scripts before he shoots a movie. I look forward to each one of his releases because he DOES know how to shoot a horror film and certainly understands raw and realistic violence without going overboard (in HOUSE the majority of the violence occurred off-screen). I’m really drifting from my original point here but I just want to be clear that I can understand everyone’s viewpoints on this subject, he is certainly a work in progress and the dialogue (particularly in H1) is almost unbearable, it was as distracting in HOUSE and REJECTS because at the time we all believed those we just the characters in that world, then HALLOWEEN happened and we cried :_(
      Now eons ago I started to say something about Sheri Moon… Oh yea, I’ll admit I haven’t seen TOOLBOX MURDERS so I have no idea how she acts outside of the roles she is given here, it’s possible that she does indeed suck. I just feel that there is a certain way Zombie likes his actors to act and it’s hard to tell what is their fault and what is his. I like Scout as an actress but found her Laurie in H1 an annoying, unsympathetic twit, in H2 I actually felt for her as she seemed more like a real person, one who had just been completely ruined by an experience. Annie was okay in the first but due to the two-part structure he character was under-developed and flat out brushed over.
      *Remember when this many comments would mean several pages to click through? That was dreadful!

  • Grady

    Hope im not too late to jump on board, great debate guys. I dont necessarily rate all of Zombies movies but I have huge respect for the man as a director. He is creating his own style and flavour, a signature style he will be synonymous for and thats great. Sheri might not be the best actor but at the end of the day she is part of Zombies universe and she definitely suits the white trash homage. I dont really feel Zombie should listen to the fans more or the forums as he is a artist first and foremost , this is his vision and he does not make it to suit another’s preference. This is why he is who he is in the first place, why he is sparking debate such as this. Sheri is a small price to pay (if you are not a fan) to witness one of the great 21st century horror directors and creators in the making(my opinion), and it is evident i would think that his career in horror is just warming up. I hope he follows his own path much the same as kubrick’s signiture style, Polanski’s, Carpenters and Miikes. A true artist he is.

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