[BD Review] Brad Says 'Dark Skies' Takes The "Slow Burn" To An Unfortunate Extreme - Bloody Disgusting!

[BD Review] Brad Says ‘Dark Skies’ Takes The “Slow Burn” To An Unfortunate Extreme

Dark Skies, the slow burn psychological horror film starring Keri Russell, Daniel Barrett and Josh Hamilton hits theaters today from Dimension Films. Brad (Mr. Disgusting) wasn’t a fan. At all. I’ve also seen the film and, while I dislike it a bit less than him, I have to agree with the points he makes in his review. Most of the issues stem from the script by Scott Charles Stewart (who also directed).

The film is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most boring features I’ve seen in years. Taking slow burn to an entirely new level, it traffics in some of the most cliche alien motifs out there, but also feels the need to eventually over-explain everything in one purging moment. After over an hour of obvious hints and weird occurrences (such as the birds scene from the trailer – as well as missing time, rashes behind ears, and unwatchable camera footage), the filmmakers decide to assault the viewer with an overly long explanation of occurrences.

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  • doomas10

    Well, pretty much for me the trailer ruined it – particularly that last shot – oh well 😛

  • Zombie-Killa

    HA! I just got back from theater, and I enjoyed this. Kerri Russell’s first sighting of the alien was a GOOD jump scare, IMO, because I didn’t see it coming. Brad makes some good points about the overexposure in Dark Skies, but I disagree with the boring criticisms, because Dark Skies had me on the edge of my seat A LOT.


    Pulse-pounding stuff, BUT something did bother me. Am I the only one, who connected the dots with a mirroring for the ending to Signs? Remember how Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix’s characters boarded up the house for a last stand against the aliens? Remember how the entire family sat around the table eating their last meal, and Mel’s character (I’m too lazy to go to Wikipedia. lol) reminisced about the births and early childhood memories for his children? They pretty much copied this EXACT scenario in Dark Skies! The dad boards up the house, gets a shotgun, the dog starts barking like crazy, as the aliens prepare to intrude, and the entire family eventually barricades themselves in one room! And while they’re at the table, the dad starts reminiscing about the births and early childhood memories for his kids! They’re all in one room upstairs waiting together for the alien attack.

    In Signs, after running around the house, and trying to find a safe spot, the dog starts barking like crazy, BUT he’s silenced by the aliens (it’s a guess, because they never actually showed the dog being harmed by the aliens in Signs). The entire family barricaded themselves in one room, waiting to fight the aliens!


    PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one, who noticed this???

    Anyway, like I said earlier, I really enjoyed the movie, and Kerri Russell was AWESOME! Dark Skies isn’t a great movie, but it held my attention, and the jump scares were decent enough, IMO. So far, Dark Skies is the best $7.50 I’ve spent at the movies this year! lol.

    • Aaron Emery

      It can’t be worse than MAMA right? I payed for two tickets to see that worthless waste of time. $40 spent in January on MAMA and TCM3D, just to give me something to whine about!

      • Zombie-Killa

        Worse than Mama??? You DIDN’T like it? No! You’ve driven a knife into my heart Aaron, deep into my heart. lol.

        Is Dark Skies something you should go out of your way to see? No. No it’s not, not by a long shot. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with this film is I had such LOW expectations going into it. I was expecting a piece of shit, because I didn’t like the trailers. But Dark Skies surprised the hell out of me. If you have some time to spare, or you can’t decide what to watch at the theaters, then Dark Skies wouldn’t be a bad choice. And yes, you could, and to tell you truth, SHOULD wait for it on DVD, Blu-Ray, or some other type of online VOD service, especially if you’re trying to save money.

        And damn Aaron, $40 at the cinema in January!!! I guess a lot of that had to do with watching TCM in 3D, right? I always try to snag the matinee showings, so I can get the $7.50 price, and avoid the $10 price. And at my theater, you only have to pay $6.50 on Tuesdays.

        • Aaron Emery

          NO! The worst part is I saw it in 2D! My local theater just has outrageous ticket prices, $12 or $13.50 for 3D… I actually saw a matinee of OLD HABITS DIE HARD, or GET RICH OR DIE HARD… something like that, it had Bruce Willy though! The matinee ticket price was something like $9, which while not too bad it wasn’t anything major.
          I actually have NO problem paying the price if I end up seeing a quality film, which usually never happens (see: Bruce Willy). I was going to see this at some point anyway, I don’t know why but I can be a sucker for stupid PG-13 flicks, I own THE FORGOTTEN if that tells you anything 🙁

          • Zombie-Killa

            Lol! Sorry to hear that Aaron. It sounds like they’re going out of their way to rip you off at that theater. If it makes you feel any better, my theater overcharges the shit of you for food. One time I payed over fourteen dollars for popcorn and soda, and the popcorn wasn’t a large! lol.

            And you’re talking about the new Die Hard? It was A Good Day To Die Hard, and I did not like it at all. It was too self-aware of being the big Hollywood action blockbuster with a lot of explosions.

            Also, you’re not the only one, who liked The Forgotten! But I don’t own it on DVD, though. lol. I also have a thing for stupid PG-13 horror flicks, that’s why I bought The Unborn and The Uninvited on DVD. lol.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I knew this movie would suck. You could just tell by the trailer.

  • DeathValzer

    Well i wasn’t expecting anything close to good from the director of Legion and Priest. (Although i admittedly enjoyed some of Legion’s cheesiness)

    • Aaron Emery

      Hey now! I can agree with you there, LEGION had some really fun (yet typically awful) stuff, at the very least the beginning and end had me entertained, can’t say much for the middle though.
      I saw PRIEST 6 months ago, I don’t remember even a scene from it.

  • undertaker78

    I saw Dark Skies and felt it was an extremely cheesy movie. It took itself so seriously (without being scary) and left me rolling my eyes more often than not. It wasn’t the worst film I’ve seen but would only give it a generous 3.5/10. The main problem I think is that the pacing was horrible and many of the scenes felt choppy.