DC Comics Puts ‘WTF Certified’ On Hold And It's Probably For The Best - Bloody Disgusting
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DC Comics Puts ‘WTF Certified’ On Hold And It’s Probably For The Best



I usually try to bite my tongue when it comes to stuff like this, but the DC “WTF Certified” label was dumb gimmick, and it seems DC has become aware of this. DC Comics has apparently decided to pull back the “WTF Certified” cover promotion. Though we don’t know how much they are pulling back.

Newsarama reported that Dan DiDio told people at the ComicsPRO annual meeting that the “WTF Certified” logo won’t appear on any comics in April, “because we don’t need it.”

ROBOT 6 attempted to contact DC, but they declined to comment.

There’s certainly more to this story, but hopefully DC just realized it was a bad idea. The covers were to contain gatefolds, that when unfolded revealed a super secret spoiler about the book and the future of the series. I don’t know about you, but I would rather just read the book to find out.


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