The Incredible ‘Stitches’ Gets A Theatrical Trailer!

  • djblack1313

    the movie is good/decent. in no way is it “incredible”. don’t overhype the movie. it’s decent at best.

    • Aaron Emery

      I imported it and just watched it last night… I was okay I guess but as you said “in know way is it ‘incredible'”
      I really didn’t see anything in it that could be considered greatness, it was pretty much your typical B horror/ comedy. The kids at the beginning were such TERRIBLE actors (I know, they’re children) and came off as so phony it pretty much killed it for me right there.

    • Aaron Emery

      I was left kind of cold after I payed to import this (it turned out to be a damn bootlegged BluRay rip) and watched such an average movie. I take that back, average is usually better acted!

      • Aaron Emery

        Wow, sorry for the triple comment but I just noticed i said “in know way”. Clearly what I meant was “in no way”.
        I feel like an illiterate!

      • djblack1313

        Aaron, sorry you didn’t love it (or find it “incredible”! LOL). and WTF?! a bootlegged BRay? that’s not right. sorry that happened to you, my friend. that’s why i wish BD wouldn’t OVER-hype a movie. i guess if Mr.D feels it’s “incredible” then that’s valid seeing as it’s his opinion but……oh whatever. LOL.

        • Aaron Emery

          Yea, can’t knock somebody’s opinion. This isn’t the only place that gave it great feedback. I think I just had such high expectations then I watched and was like “huh?…”! I’m kinda bummed, I’ve been waiting for a great clown horror (I feel a little strange writing that) and this just wasn’t it! AMUSEMENT had a fantastic little segment featuring a clown that nearly gave me an anxiety attack, unfortunately the rest of the movie killed it. Any suggestions?

  • Blood-Sicles

    They shoulda stuck with the UK trailer. Much more stylish. Still excited to see this, although what I’ve seen so far doesn’t look as amazing as I’ve been hearing.

  • ljbad

    The other trailer made me want to watch it. This one kinda makes me want to do the opposite.

  • Erebus Dirge

    I have to say it was’nt amazing or anything. But well worth a watch if just for the kills, which lets face it ladies and gentlemen is where it’s at.

  • Manuel Saez

    Sorry, this movie is far from incredible; decent at best, horribly acted at worst, it is just average. There are no redeeming qualities of this film, as even the “gore” looked cheap and fake. Sorry, I did not like the movie one bit.

  • divisionbell

    Maybe it’s just the trailer, but this just doesn’t look good to me.