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Top 10 Twin Peaks Moments According To Owl’s Dan Dinsmore

Quite possibly my favorite TV series was David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a series that was so innovative and unique that its effects are still being felt to this day, over 20 years later. With amazing characters such as Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper, Miguel Ferrer’s Albert Rosenfeld, and the lovable goofball Pete Martell (played by Jack Nance), the show was perfectly built to have those moments and scenes that we simply never forget.

Now Owl drummer Dan Dinsmore has put together a list of his Top 10 Twins Peaks Moments to show his love of the series. Head on below to see what they are. Just make sure to have a slice of cherry pie and a cup of damn fine coffee with you!

Owl features The Cult‘s Chris Wyse on bass/vocals, drummer Dan Dinsmore, and guitarist/vocalist Jason Achilles Mezilis. The band will be releasing their second full length album The Right Thing on Apr. 9th via Overit Records. You can hear their new single “The Right Thing” below.

From Dan Dinsmore:
Being a big David Lynch fan I fell in love with the “Twin Peaks” series. Below are my Top 10 “Twin Peaks” moments.

1. Coop’s first scene on “Twin Peaks” truly set up the character and his personality. He spoke into a hand recorder musing about where he wished to go, stating he’s looking for “a clean place, reasonably priced.” One of the many recorded memos Coop would offer.

2. Coop gets shot! This was a great scene where Coop experiences a vision of a giant giving him some serious information such as “THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM”.

3. When secretary Lucy provides donuts to the sheriff and Coop all stacked and organized in true Lynch fashion. He’s always pushing concept-driven scenes.

4. The traffic lights and the rhythm they had was always a consistent tone in the show.

5. Julee Cruise performs “Falling” at the Roadhouse. This was a great part of the series where things started to come together or fall apart – however you would like to look at it.

6. The Hatchet-man of Pacifism is a great scene where Albert speaks the line: “I love you, Sheriff Truman.”

7. I love the scene where Nadine came up with the brilliant idea of silent drape runners was going to get her millions. I honestly wonder if Lynch actually thought it was a great idea? Maybe those drapes and a 3-legged chair to boot.

8. The Red Room scene is something masterful. Finding out that the little man in the red suit is the cousin of Laura Palmer (or the Laura look-alike) further confusing Coop amidst lines being spoken backwards and other craziness. It’s such a great piece of art.

9. Man in The Mirror is a killer scene where Coop looks in the mirror, see Bob’s face, bangs his head against the mirror, maniacally repeats “How’s Annie?”, and creepily laughs.

10. Bowie. Yes, enter David Bowie in the movie “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.” He starred in an odd scene that had some really great editing. It was a very exciting moment for this Ziggy Stardust fan!

Photo by Carl Mahoney

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