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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 74: Walk As Chaos “Impasse”

All this Nine Inch Nails coverage that’s been going on lately has really put me into a dirty “tech” kinda mood. And since that’s what originally drew me to Walk As Chaos‘s video for “Impasse”, I figured I’d share it once again!

This video has all sorts of influences and inspiration going on within, from Johnny Mnemonic to Tetsuo: Iron Man to Tool‘s video for “Prison Sex”, this Twisted Music Video of The Week is a sci-fi/horror fan’s wet dream! Check it out below and have an awesome weekend!

“Impasse” lyrics:

At one time we were so close
That we didn’t need to be in the same place
Now you’ve got me certified Triple A

You knew what you were in for
We both knew, now face the truth

Shoot back in time, long ago
I feel bad, I’ll make it up on the other side

Bribes show signs, addicted to our lines
For better or for worse
So say what you mean
Inspiration is near

I wasn’t ready, say goodbye, I’ll send you back
Now you’ve got me pacified one more day

Shoot back in time, long ago
You’ve been had, and I can’t help that

Was it something I said? Or the tone that annoyed you?
Another fight about the same thing
We’re living like ghosts in a parallel universe
With a future so bright


Cleansing tendency to wander
The walls of your wildest cloud
Falsely with you tonight
Completely worn somehow

Pride for the winner, cold and bitter
Crave that high not of this earth
We swore that we would try…

I can’t stop you from
Leaving this life that we’ve created

So say what you will, and try to forgive,
Don’t forget all the tears, remember
Don’t be lead on in.

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