[ECCC '13] Skybound Comics Panel Talks 'Ghosted' and 'The Walking Dead' - Bloody Disgusting
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[ECCC ’13] Skybound Comics Panel Talks ‘Ghosted’ and ‘The Walking Dead’



Charlie Adlard, Ryan Ottley, Brandon Seifert, and Joshua Williamson sat on the Skybound Comics panel. The biggest news to come from the panel was the announcement of Joshua Williamson’s new series called, “Ghosted”, which is described as “Oceans 11, but in a haunted house”. It’s a crime ghost-hunting story, and it sounds awesome, you can get some extra details below. The panel also offered minimal details on upcoming issues of “The Walking Dead”.

Previewed was the cover for “The Walking Dead” #108, first appearance of Ezekiel, who is going to be a major character in the series. We’ll also be going back to visit Maggie in issue #109. And then we issue #110 goes into what was described as “Lucile is going to be jealous”. Also launched this month is thewalkingdead.com, loaded with details on the show and the comic book.

A new project is being launched by Josh Williamson, titled, “Ghosted”. It is Oceans 11 in a haunted house instead of a casino. It follows one of the greatest heist planners in the world who is broken out of prison by a very strange occult collector. He is hired to steal a ghost from a haunted house. In order to do so, Hhe goes out and gathers the best ghost hunters around and brings them into this mansion with a brutal, cursed history. The first issue drops in July, just in time for San Diego. You can bet your bones we’ll be following “Ghosted”.

“Witch Doctor” is continuing on strong with “Mal Practice”, the final two issues due out over the next couple of months. The collected edition will be released in June.


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