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[ECCC ’13] ‘Marvel Next Big Thing’ Panel

Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Joe Keating, Kelly Sue Deconick, Mark Waid, Sam Humphries, and Matt Fraction sat on the Marvel panel at ECCC this Sunday to talk about each of their books, upcoming business with Ultron and Thanos, and potential future crossovers.

Kelly Sue started off talking about “Captain Marvel,” which will be crossing over with “Avengers Assemble”. It will begin in the pages of “Enemy Within” #1, this May. She expressed her confusion as to why it was not just starting in “Captain Marvel”, but hey, that’s marketing.

Joe Keating dove into “Morbius the Vampire”. After issue #6 he will be reintegrated into the Marvel Universe, where he will be crossing over with “Superior Spider-Man”. “We’re going to be introducing a larger mystery that we planted seeds for. There is much more going on…no jello fights are involved.”

“Deadpool” came up next, issue #7 will be a stand-alone issue taking place in the early 80s, where he will interact with Tony Stark during his “Demon in a Bottle” storyline. He promised that “something really messed up” will be coming in issue #8 with “more horrifying elements comics down the road.”

Matt Fraction brought up goth kids joining the “FF,” there will be a pool party, a big bang, a big crunch, and Ben Franklin is a Skrull. “Hawkeye” #10 will introduce a new assassin, Loser brothers, a dog solving crime, and vacation are all promised to come into the series shortly.

Sam Humphries brought up “Uncanny X-Force” next. Bishop will be battling the X-Force under L.A. subway systems, and during the next storyline we will learn more about Bishop and where he’s been and why he’s changed over the years. Then, they are brining in a “big major villain, who will be familiar to long time members of X-Men”.

Mark Waid got a chance to plug “Daredevil” (not that it needs it because it’s that good). Murdock will find out more about who has been targeting him since the beginning of the series. This will make his quest even darker and harder to deal with. There will also be a frost giants battle coming up in “Indestructible Hulk”, where Thor will be making an appearance for a three-issue arc. Waid also expressed interest in doing a Hulk/Daredevil team up in the near future.



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