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[Random Cool] Differences Between The Theatrical And Director’s Cuts Of ‘Army Of Darkness’ Detailed!

Army Of Darkness might have come in last in my Evil Dead Month Rankings, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the sh*t out of it! Since there are so many editions of the film on home video, I’m sure you’re aware of some of the differences between the director’s cut and the theatrical cut of the film.

But has gone out of their way to provide you with the most detailed account of the differences between the cuts that I’ve ever seen. For example, “97 cuts in the theatrical version = 15 minutes and 12 seconds. 2 cuts in the Director’s Cut: = +10 seconds. 14 alternative cuts = theatrical version: +105.5 sec. / DC: 93.5 Sek = +12 sec. 3 recuts = +13 seconds. alternative ending = theatrical version: +155 sec / DC: 197 sec = 42 seconds.

Head inside for an examples of their side-by-side visualization!

For much more on the whole rundown head to



  • djblack1313

    i wish i liked this movie. i saw it once in theaters when it was originally released and just hated it. i love the first (and best IMO) EVIL DEAD and i somewhat enjoyed ED2 but it was just too 3 Stooges-y for my taste.

    • VampireJack

      Hmmmm, I suppose I can “understand” why you’re not a fan of AOD.
      But personally, with Evil Dead being my favourite movie (not just horror) of all time, I can honestly say I love all the movies in the trilogy EXACTLY THE SAME, but each in their own way.
      I love that the original is a straight ahead horror movie (yes, some say it’s a black comedy – but the can fuck off, it’s not. It’s PURE HORROR).
      Evil Dead 2 is the perfect blend of horror/comedy which has only really be equalled by Return Of The Living Dead/Braindead/Re-Animator/Shaun Of The Dead.
      Army Of Darkness is the perfect blend of comedy/horror.

      It’s a perfect trilogy. None of the films just “mirror” what came before – all had their own particular vibe – but truely flow – almost – seamlessly…..

      I also enjoy Within The Woods and the Evil Dead musical.

      So far it’s been a STRONG franchise.
      In fact it’s been quite…..


  • c-s-a78

    i think.evil dead 1 was a horror.evil dead 2 was a horror/comedy and evil dead 3 was just a comedy.makes you wounder what evil dead 4 was gana be like???

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