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‘Tomb Raider’ Is Out Now, Let’s Celebrate! Release Trailer Anyone?

Right now the Midwest is getting raped. With snow. As soon as I’m done here I have to go outside and shovel until I want to pass out. Then drive to Best Buy in the nightmare mother nature has created to get my copy of Tomb Raider. Past the break you can find the launch trailer that should get you amped for today’s release. It’s getting phenomenal reviews and scores so I can’t express my excitement. Just know it will make all the shoveling worth while.


  • ljbad

    I’m loving it so far!

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      I’m stuck In best buy they can’t find my copy! Arghhhhhh

  • Blood-Sicles

    I had trouble picking up my preorder at Best Buy too. Can’t wait to give this a go later tonight!

  • GreigShelob

    Brilliant game. There’s a bit too many QTE’s for my liking, but otherwise it’s fantastic.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Does anyone else find the quicktime events insanely hard? I’m no button mashing pro, but I can’t help but think 0.25 seconds isn’t enough time for anyone to recognize the icon and tap the right button. These wolves are kicking my sorry ass.

    • ljbad

      I’m no QTE hater (I actually liked a lot of them in RE4 and Walking Dead) but these do seem to be pretty difficult. Some russian dude just killed me like 3 times in a row.

      • BurnTheBlueSky

        I caught on to the quick time events after dying repeatedly, but something that bothers me is the INSANE accuracy of the guys throwing molitovs and dynamite.

  • GreigShelob

    Finished this an hour ago. Loved it. 12 hours total time for 78% sompletion. Just got to get all the collectibles now.

    I usually hate QTEs but I didn’t think they were too hard in this. I thought RE5 and 6 were worse.

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