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R.I.P. WWE Manager Paul Bearer Passes Away At Age 58


Sad news has emerged from the professional wrestling world as WWE manager Paul Bearer has passed away at age 58. While no details are being given, WWE.com has posted a message stating that they offer their, “…deepest condolences go out to Moody’s family, friends and fans.”

Bearer was most known as the manager of the horror-inspired wrestler Undertaker as well as Kane, Undertaker’s “half-brother”, and Mick Foley’s character Mankind. The story lines and arcs that he was involved with were very often some of the darker, more horrific story lines of WWE history, including his face being burned at the 1997 In Your House Revenge Of The Taker event and his own live burial in cement during the 2004 Great American Bash pay-per-view.

I know that Bloody-Disgusting rarely brings up the WWE (aside from their horror films). Still, when it comes to wrestling, Paul Bearer was pretty much as horror as you can get. We send our condolences to his friends, his co-workers, and especially his family. R.I.P. Paul. May the gongs ring out in your memory.

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  • dr.lamb

    That guy was hilarious. I love it how he was waving the urn prop at the opponent. I did not realize he was that young, he seemed like 60 to me when I was 13. I hope the WWE makes a great story abou his death, he would have liked that. RIP indeed.

  • GerryButton

    As a long time Wrestling fan I was saddened by his passing. Fond memories watching this man walk out with Undertaker and Kane. Not so much with Mankind though.

    In my opinion he was one of the BIG reasons on why Undertaker got over so well back in the day, he just added to the whole dark mystery of the character while maintaining his own uniqueness as a manager.

    May he rest in peace. It feels odd talking about Williams death given the fact that the name he is known most by is Paul Bearer.

    • BeautifulDisaster

      I agree with you. Even as a child, I was always attracted to the darkness, the mystique,the suspense and the theatrical elements that these Bearer and Taker and even Kane brought to the table. As a longtime wrestling fan, I was really taken aback by the news last night.

      It’s really a shame to hear about this. I was kind of hoping to see Paul Bearer during this run, just because I’ve always enjoyed having William Moody on my TV. He was unique and I believe that he and the Undertaker really did some groundbreaking stuff with the roles they were given.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Sad news. The Paul Bearer character was GREAT, and Moody played a crucial role in getting The Undertaker and Kane’s characters over during his early days. Moody really immersed himself in the Paul Bearer character, and it’s a shame to see him go out this way.

    I don’t know how accurate this is, but I read in other places Moody was waiting for The Undertaker to retire, so they could go into the Hall Of Fame at the same time. It’s a damn shame, because now Moody will receive a posthumous induction.

    Hopefully, WWE will find some way to squeeze in a tribute to Paul Bearer after Taker’s Wrestlemania match with CM Punk, because he deserves it. You know, something reminiscent of Taker doing his signature pose by dropping to one knee, sticking out the tongue, and rolling back his eyes. It would be a cool moment, and I’m sure Moody would’ve appreciated it.

  • DeadManZombieFan

    damnit. so sad. knew it was going to happen one day just didn’t know it would be this dang soon. first we lose captain lou albano and now paul bearer. what the hell. life’s not fair. death better stay far away from my jimmy hart that’s all I am going to say. taking out all these legendary managers. you will be remembered paul bearer and missed hardcore. in my :: undertaker voice :: rest… in… peace…


  • Joe-Banger

    I cant believe people on this site actually mourne him being gone, like Paul Bearer was a real person and not a character. When I was alot younger I was very ignorant and I thought this garbage was real and one day while watching this charade my father walked into the room and he said “This isnt real, its all an act.” That was the end of wrestling for me. Before that I liked the undertaker but not Paul Bearer, I too thought he was much older than he really was.

    • GerryButton

      Wow. A man passed away, and most you can focus on is that wrestling is not real. Paul Bearer may have been a character yes this is true, but there was a real man BEHIND that character. A very well liked and respected man in the wrestling world. That’s who we are mourning. Go back and read both mine and Zombie-Killas post, we refer to him by his real name, William Moody.

      And yes, Wrestling is fake. It’s planned out and winners decided and it’s all gimmicks and fun in the ring, but that’s the entertainment of it all. I find it funny you bang on about pro-wrestling being fake and it’s garbage and your a horror movie fan, a genre LITTERED with fake, campy bullshit. But that’s entertaining, and still fun to watch for most people.

    • Zombie-Killa

      So a man dies, people are expressing their remorse, and grieving for him, but YOU have to get up on your “all wrestling fans are idiots” soapbox? Nice.

      As Gerry already pointed out, we KNOW Paul Bearer was just a character. As Gerry said, that’s why we referred to him by his real life last name. Obviously, we miss the person AND the character, and I thought that would be obvious enough.

      Yes, I know wrestling is scripted. I know The Undertaker isn’t really a supernatural being with supernatural powers, who can’t die. In fact, his real name is Mark Calaway. But again, as Gerry pointed out (should’ve just said I agree with everything you said Gerry! lol.) it’s freakin’ entrainment. It’s a show, and I know that, so I don’t look at it as a real sport, because it’s not. If you want to call it fake, go ahead and call it fake. But I won’t, because I actually went through pro wrestling training for a handful of days, and I can tell you that shit hurts.

  • dr.lamb

    So, has anybody seen the movie “Bernie”? I think, Jack Black could be the perfect choice for a biopic 🙂

  • DeadManZombieFan

    to the ones saying its fake. ooooooh my god really!? I never knew that! you are so god damn wise! how does it feel to be so much smarter than all us hill billy rednecks?

    RIP william moody aka PAUL BEARER!

  • GreigShelob

    Dammit, it would have been good to see Paul Bearer and The Undertaker induct each other into the Hall of Fame after Taker finally retires. Shame that won’t happen now.

    Bearer was one of the best managers of a bygone era.

  • DeathValzer

    RIP Paul Bearer, one of the best managers ever. Hall of Fame 2014.

  • p2richa

    RIP Mr … U will always be in our hearts