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‘Darkwood’ Is An Indie Horror Game That’s Different Every Time You Play

I love indie developers because they’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. Darkwood is a good example of this for a few reasons. For starters, it’s an old school survival horror game that doesn’t hold your hand. This means there aren’t any tooltips or tutorials, so you’re forced to adapt as you play. It’s also one you play from the rarely used — at least in horror games — top-down perspective. Perhaps what’s most intriguing about it is it’s a roguelike, so every time you play the world is different, and when you die it’s game over.

Darkwood is still in the early stages of its development, but judging from the pre-alpha footage you can see after the jump, it looks to be shaping up quite nicely.

For more information, check out the official Darkwood website.

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