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[TV] These First Six Minutes Of “Bates Motel” Are…

… I don’t know. Literally. I’m not going to watch the first six minutes of this because everything I’ve seen from “Bates Motel” actually looks pretty good to me so I’m saving myself for an entire episode. I can wait a week. But if you can’t wait, it’s right here for you.

The series stars Academy Award nominee Vera Farmiga (“Up in the Air,” “The Departed”), Freddie Highmore (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Finding Neverland”), Max Thieriot (“Disconnect”), Olivia Cooke (“Blackout”) and Nicola Peltz (“The Last Airbender”). Season one also co-stars Nestor Carbonell (“Lost,” “The Dark Knight Rises”) and Mike Vogel (“Pan Am”).

In “Bates Motel,” following the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel on the outskirts of the idyllic coastal town of White Pine Bay, seeking a fresh start. As Norma and Norman get ensconced in their new home, they discover this town isn’t quite what it seems, and the locals aren’t so quick to let them in on their secrets. But the Bates’ are done being pushed around and will do whatever it takes to survive – and will do whatever it takes to protect their own secrets.

On The A&E Network from executive producers Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and Kerry Ehrin (“Friday Night Lights”) – the show debuts on Monday, March 18 at 10 PM ET/PT. Head inside for the footage.

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  • Me neither. All the promos look great. That should be good assurance.

  • Aaron Emery

    I haven’t watched any of the clips or trailers yet (if I have, I don’t remember. I kinda feel like I commented on one though…) I see no harm in going in blind and giving it a shot. The problem with live TV is that I forget things and eventually I get so far behind that it’s a chore to catch up, at which point I whine to myself and complain to you guys and pretend that I’m just to good.

  • djblack1313

    Aaron, LOL!!!! 🙂

    count me in to guys. i’m already sold on this, so i’m not watching anything until it airs.

    • Selfie

      Me too, can’t wait for this! Have pretty much watched everything available…mainly because it looks like we (in the UK) will be waiting a hell of a lot longer, as still looks like no one has picked this up to air over here yet!

      Unless anyone can (make my day and…) tell me any different?

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