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[‘Evil Dead’ Month] Check Out This Commissioned Art Made For the Remake’s SXSW Premiere!

Continuing our Evil Dead month here on Bloody Disgusting, artist Trevor Anderson posted a Tumblr update about a painting that was commisioned by TriStar and FilmDistrict for Evil Dead‘s SXSW premiere (read our review).

I was contacted to do a painting for the remake of The Evil Dead, directed by Fede Alvarez, to help promote the film at it’s SXSW premiere the other night!,” said the artist. “I would have given anything to be there to hand out posters and see the film early, but sadly, that kind of thing is out of my price range. The remake of The Evil Dead is probably in my top three of most anticipated horror films, and it might have shot to the #1 position after all the positive press about the film that’s been reaching my ears. I was very excited to get to do a piece for the film, and i hope my painting lives up the insanity that i’m sure the film will contain.

Prints are available at 11 x 15 inches, on glossy high-quality card stock. Limited numbers (only 10 left) for now!
Prints are shipped in poster tubes to ensure no damage on it’s journey.

Prints are made to order. Print will be produced after 2-3 business days after payment for order. Shipping time will depend on where you are located. In Canada, 3-5 business days. In the US, 5-10 business days. International orders 10-15 business days.



  • KnightClaw

    Great Art with great use of color. This movie is going to give “Remakes” a better track record. I personally find remakes interesting, since a remake is an alternate version of the same basic plot. It’s like when a band, like Guns & Roses, did their own version of ” Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” The original version was good, but it was cool to hear a different take on the song,as well.
    Also, where the freak is HALLOWEEN 3-D?! I’m so sick of not hearing a single f***ing thing about the progress of the next installment . WTF ? With the success of Texas Chainsaw 3-D, & Horror making a comeback, one would think they would get working on a new HALLOWEEN movie. H2 sucked ass,so hopefully, if they DO make another one, it will be a version closer to the John Carpenter version .

  • flesheater24

    Sick art

  • Scorpionsy

    I met Trevor by chance at a second screening of Evil Dead yesterday, and I actually printed a copy of his art Evil Dead poster from his tumbler page because it was short notice on the same day of the screening that Fede Alvarez (the Director) was coming to the screening for an after show Q& I wanted him to sign this art poster (as it is 100% better than the single crappy official poster released). So I did not have time to order the original print from him and wait for it to be would be days and too late.

    Low and behold, I was sitting in my seat and took out the printed poster to take a look at it before the screening, and this guy taps me on my back (sitting 2 rows behind me) and asks me WHERE I got the poster from? I thought he was impressed with the art work, so I told him I printed it of the web and that this guy did an amazing job drawing it (mixing the Deadite upper-half face with the lower part of the face using the skull jaw drawing from the book of the Dead. Then he looked kind of angry and told me that HE drew the Poster himself…and I asked him are you Trevor, he said yes. I said, WOW, and explained the above short notice reason…but I told him I appreciated his art and would pay him for the print so he would not feel that I was ripping him off. He was very polite and thanked me for the compliment and I asked him if he would sign the poster for me after the movie…he agreed. I sat through the credits and when the lights were up half the audience were gone…including Trevor (he was with a bunch of maybe he had to leave)..but I was not able to get his signature on my print of his poster and I felt kind of bad. He was a nice guy.

    So, Trevor, if you are reading this…sorry man for shocking the heck out of you…LOL when I took out the poster…and I hope to see you soon to get that Signature man! I will get the original print from you soon because I believe you did a great job on the art used in this poster. Cheers! 🙂

    • TrevorHenderson

      Hey! It was nice seeing you at the film! I hope i didn’t come off as angry or annoyed, i was just surprised to see a copy of my painting in the wild! I’m sorry i couldn’t stick around to sign your copy; I had to run almost immediately afterwards. If you do end up ordering a print, i’ll be sure to sign it! Again, sorry about that! Nice meeting you, and i hope you get this message!

      – Trevor

  • Scorpionsy

    Also, forgot to mention that Fede Alvarez unfortunately got delayed by his plane and arrived late. He answered viewers’ questions after the movie via phone speaker put against a microphone….so I never was able to get Fede’s signature that night sadly. 🙁

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