McGee to Write ‘OZ,’ the ‘Wizard fo Oz’ Prequel

“The relationship between Jerry Bruckheimer and video game creator American McGee grew even closer with the news that McGee will write the script for the film adaptation of his video game Oz,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Bruckheimer has the option for a trilogy of Walt Disney Co. films based on the property, which is a prequel to the classic L. Frank Baum book “The Wizard of Oz”. McGee said that the hero of the story, a teenage boy named Arthur, is whisked away from Earth to an Oz in turmoil. “Like Neo in ‘The Matrix’ films, the boy makes a hero’s journey and comes to grips with his powers,” he said. “What Jerry Bruckheimer was able to do with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was simply brilliant, and since ‘Oz’ is similar in tone to that film franchise, I’d like to follow that model.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter