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[Exclusive] ‘Fanboys Vs. Zombies’ #15 Cover Reveal

Shane Houghton and Jerry Gaylord continue their undead fanboy adventure with “The Fan-Pire Strikes Back” arc this summer. The gang, now in space, have to decide between destroying the zombies or attempting to find a cure. We’ve got an exclusive look at the cover for Fanboys Vs. Zombies #15.

WRITTEN BY: Shane Houghton
ART BY: Jerry Gaylord
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: June 2013

THE FAN-PIRE STRIKES BACK! Trapped on a space station with a bunch of wimpy scientists and one rogue zombie, the Wrecking Crew is faced with an intriguing new challenge — instead of destroying Earth’s zombie infestation, can they cure it? Find out secrets that stretch all the way back to FvZ #1, only in the latest chapter of Shane Houghton (REED GUNTHER) and Jerry Gaylord’s brain-munching epic!

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