[SXSW ’13 Interview] Director Adam Wingard On Making ‘You’re Next’ And His Plans For ‘The Guest’ And ‘Dead Spy Running’!

  • rgold

    “White of the Eye,” has some really interesting kills in it. I’m looking forward to this even more

  • joe666

    I am not reading any more shit about this movie until I’ve seen a trailer. Seriously,… 2 years?

    • EvanDickson

      @joe666 That’s up to Lionsgate. Doesn’t make sense to release the trailer too early, my guess is we see it in May or June.

  • Kroork

    After evil dead, your next is my next anticipated movie :)

    • twisted

      I agree. Currently these are the only two horror movies I want to see.

  • dirtyghettok

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait… Damn, gotta wait.