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Every Single James Hetfield (Metallica) “YEAH!” In One Audio Clip

While Rob Zombie will always hold the record for most “Yeah!”s sang in a musical career, Metallica‘s James Hetfield might be a close second. Apparently something about their music just makes them the most agreeable people ever, the kind of person who always nods furiously and says, “YEAH!” to any suggestion you come up with.

Wanna go to Jack in the Box? “YEAH!” Wanna see a movie? “YEAH!” Wanna kidnap an Ethiopian child? “YEAH-EEEEEYAEEEYAEEYA!!!”

Anyways, coming to the story here, Kevin Conklin has compiled all of Hetfield’s “Yeah!”s from Metallica’s history, beginning with Kill ‘Em All and ending with Beyond Magnetic. It’s pretty funny, especially considering that it’s over 3 minutes long. That’s a lot of “Yeah!”s. Give it a listen below for a laugh!

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