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David Lynch Endorses Escondido’s “Black Roses”

Director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) has taken to Twitter to let his followers know of a new song that he is rather taken with: Escondido‘s “Black Roses”. The song comes from the band’s debut album The Ghosts Of Escondido and the video was directed by Erik Anders Lang. It’s a soft, mellow, pleasant track that features soft, gentle female vocals (something that Lynch seems to enjoy thoroughly). Give the song a listen below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

White dress blows in the wind
And the dust whips up all of those memories of you once again
Oh darling, once again
A silence, a hush so complete
Just the bell of the church ringing out in the street
All for you, oh darling, is it you?

‘Cause all the black roses speak of you
All the black roses speak of you

When a whisper still floats around
All the heads are hung low and my friends are nowhere to be found
oh darling, is it you?
To be young, to be just at the start
When all that you know is a longing to lay down your heart
Oh darling, it was you

‘Cause all the black roses speak of you
All the black roses speak of you

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