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[Interview] Director Matt Orlando And Producer Jamie Kennedy Dig Up ‘A Resurrection’!



Archstone Distribution’s A Resurrection (formerly The Sibling) hits theaters tomorrow March 22nd. The film stars Mischa Barton, Final Destination‘s Devon Sawa, Jonathan Michael Trautman and the late Michael Clarke Duncan (this is actually the last film he shot).

In the film, “A down to earth school psychologist tries to help a mentally ill student who actually believes his brother is coming back from the grave for revenge on the students who killed him.

A Resurrection was written and directed by Matt Orlando and produced by Jamie Kennedy‘s new company, Jamie Kennedy Entertainment. To that end, I hopped on the phone with Orlando and Kennedy earlier in the week to find out how they came to team up on the project. Orlando also discussed casting Mischa Barton in a more mature role, working with Michael Clarke Duncan and his next team-up with Kennedy – a “surf horror” movie called Red Water.

Head inside for the interview!

Jamie Kennedy on how Jamie Kennedy Entertainment came to be involved, “This was a script give to me by producer Phillip Glasser. I looked the cast and thought, ‘this could work!’ My company, we want to do low budget entertainment in the genres I’m known for – starting with horror like how I got my start in ‘Scream.’ And we’re doing a comedy right now. And we’re slowly moving out from there with productions we think can come out and do some stuff.

Was Kennedy hands on on set a lot? Sometimes, but “ a lot of the movie is just Matt Orlando calling shots left and right. We let him do his thing, he knows what he’s doing. It’s always better to hire good people and let them do their thing as opposed to micro-managing stuff.

For Matt Orlando, who wrote and directed the film, it was a bit of a passion project. “I always have a lot of ideas floating around in my head as a writer, then something takes over you and just kind of sticks. It changed quite a bit from the original idea but my Dad’s a Pastor and that theme of having and not having faith is juxtaposed between the two main characters.

Orlando on casting Mischa Barton in the more adult role of a psychotherapist, “It was fun. I lived in the OC, so I’d watch her on that show. And it was really fun to watch her switch tiers a bit and become this character.” This is also Michael Clarke Duncan’s last performance. “Working with him was incredible. I trained MMA fighters for a lot of years, and he used to train in martial arts and it was a lot of fun to trade stories with him. And he did a great job regardless of budget or genre. He didn’t treat me as a first time director, he treated me as an equal.

As a first time director, what was the greatest challenge of bringing this from script to screen? “Getting capital is the hardest part. It was just making time – we didn’t have a big budget so it was just having to make time for everything. And you have to kill a lot of your darlings. That was the hardest part.

Do Orlando and Kennedy have anything else in the works? “We’re working on a surf horror script called ‘Red Water.’ Being a surfer down her in Newport Beach, I’ve never seen a surf horror movie before.


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