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‘DayZ’ Standalone Alpha Won’t Arrive Until June At The Earliest

Fans were hoping to get their hands on the DayZ standalone last year, but that didn’t happen so Dean Hall and his team could introduce some major changes to the game. Speaking with Joystiq, Hall provided an update on the game’s progress, saying the earliest we can expect the alpha version is in June. That’s when they’ll begin sending out batches of keys to several thousand players to test how the servers handle the increased load.

Hall is also looking into launching a tiered distribution model, inspired by Kickstarter, so players can pay to get into the alpha as well as get other DayZ goods. If June is just too far away, you can grab the mod now available on Steam, or enjoy this new fan-made DayZ web series.

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  • Milk

    I am patiently awaiting this release. I think the december deadline was way too early for him to properly implement everything that he wants and needs to do. As a player who has easily logged over 500+hrs in DayZ I can safely say the game needs a serious overhaul and I look forward to its final release. The dev blog videos have been promising and look awesome. I hope they can fix most of the major glitches and hacks.

  • thevyrsaiplague

    I’ve been waiting for the standalone since last year but when I saw this yesterday I finally broke and bought Arma II so I could play the mod and I haven’t been able to stop. It’s buggy, ugly and filled with horrible people but it’s addictive and gives out these organic moments that are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a game. They can take all the time in the world they need to perfect the standalone.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    The failure and hatred surrounding War Z really helped Dean out, especially with fans being more willing to wait for a quality product.

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