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A Haunting New ‘Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut’ Trailer

You shouldn’t be on the fence about at least trying Deadly Premonition. Everyone needs to at least TRY it. If you’re still unsure maybe the trailer below will convince you otherwise. It gives you the slightest twisted look into the seemingly normal town of Greenvale. April 30th you can pick up the Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut exclusively for the Playstation 3.



  • suedepup

    Santa gave me this for the 360 a few holidays ago but I never got around to it. Once I heard a Director’s Cut for the PS3 was being made I traded in my 360 version and decided to wait for this ultimate edition. I’ll be buying this. Eventually. Like the article said, I have to at least TRY it. It just looks so weird!

  • chris99x

    I love DP <3 Perhaps my favorite game of 2010. Can't wait for this.

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