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[WTF] People Pay Psychics to Clean Their “New” Property?

I wish I were talking about getting on their hands and knees and scrubbing toilets…

I just came across the most ridiculous article over at the Adelaide now that reports that locals have regularly been hiring scam artists psychics to clean their newly purchased homes, not to mention that sellers are using it as a tool to help sell their product.

Adelaide psychics say home-owners are using their services to help sell their homes and demand for house cleansings from new home buyers is also on the rise, states the paper.

South Australian Psychic of the Year 2013 Barry Gray said home buyers often enlisted his help after moving in and finding that “something doesn’t feel right” (what doesn’t feel right is wasting hard-earned money on this crap).

It’s often children, the younger members of the family, who might say ‘I saw a woman in my room’ just after their family has moved into a house,” he said.

Other times, it’s people saying they feel like they are being watched or a room feels cold or just not right.

The question is, are these psychics taking advantage of locals, or giving them peace of mind? I go with the former. Entire story here.



  • djblack1313

    “are these psychics taking advantage of locals, or giving them peace of mind?”….

    BOTH most definitely. i think as long as the people paying to hire these “cleaners” get peace of mind, no real harm is done. it’s not something i believe in and not something i’d ever do or want someone i care about to do (hiring the “cleaners”) but again, no one is being seriously harmed here.

  • Joe-Banger

    Unless djblack1313 the “cleaners” are taking people to the cleaners! LOL!

    • djblack1313

      Joe, i agree. but (for example) people donate to Michelle Bachmann’s campaign. if people want to throw their money away on crazy things more power to ’em. 🙂

  • menoch

    Dang. I live in Adelaide and I didn’t know this existed! Hell I didn’t even know we had a Psychic of the year award! Maybe these people should stop using their powers to “clean” houses and use them to find the missing Beaumont children, one of South Australia’s, and Australia’s, most infamous unsolved cases.

    A link for those who wish to know more….

  • Seal_Clubber

    A fool and their money ….

  • HallMy

    As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I’d just say the prayer against evil spirits, the prayer against demonic influence, the prayer against evil thoughts and desires and the prayer of if your home is troubled by evil spirits. That should get rid of any “ghosts”, demons or evil spirits. And best of all, its free!

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