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Exclusive Clip From ‘The Collection’ Blu-ray Takes A Look At The Film’s Practical Effects!

The Collection arrives on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Digital Download and Video On Demand today March 26th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The Blu-ray Disc and DVD will both feature Ultraviolet Digital Copy. The Blu-ray and DVD include audio commentary with Director/Co-Writer Marcus Dunstan and Co-Writer Patrick Melton and a host of special features – from one of which this exclusive clip was taken. It’s a cool look at the practical effects work of the film that I’m sure is much longer on the Blu itself.

The Collection follows a twisted madman who “collects” humans in a booby-trapped house of horrors. Starring Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises), the film also stars Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network), Lee Tergesen (Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning) and Christopher McDonald (HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”), and is written by established horror writing team Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Feast series, Saw IV – Saw 3D: The Final Chapter). Directed by Dunstan, it is the second time he has directed a film the pair has written.

Head inside for the clip!



  • Kroork

    Can’t wait to get this movie. Unfortunately it’s not released in Canada. Just like the first
    One. So I have to order it and wait weeks. I am very impatient when it comes to my movies!


    I loved this move so much. Sad that it didnt do as well while playing. I would love to see the third movie made. I was just joking to a friend that the movie felt like Die Hard remade into a horror film.

  • djblack1313

    this movie was decent but it has easily ONE OF THE BEST, MOST SATISFYING ENDINGS EVER!!!!!! no hyperbole. i highly recommend watching this movie just for the ending alone. i literally yelled out loud “FUCK YES!!!” and was clapping my hands (the audience was also doing that!). it’s that good.

    USUCK, no offense but i pray there will NOT be a 3rd movie. this movie ends things so perfectly that a 3rd movie would tarnish/ruin part 2’s ending.

    also what’s a bummer is no unrated version of this movie. so much of the gore (early released pics of the “artwork” dismembered guy on the wall, etc, etc was either cut from the movie or is so hard to make out in the film that it renders much of it a waste. shame too because the gore in this footage above looks fantastic!

    • Kroork

      Yeah it really sucks they changed that scene. It was originally the man, still alive pealed open and pinned up on the wall. The image floating around was hardcore , gross, and awesome. But sadly they probably felt it was a little too hardcore cause they replaced him with a woman, pinned to the wall in a less graphic way. Production companies usually pussy out. Which is unfortunate

  • Evil_Flip

    I for one was really disappointed. I kinda liked the idea and the different approach it had to the first one (kinda like what Aliens to Alien), but the placement of the traps (and the amount there of) made no sense and were just there for the sake of gore. It’s a shame when something has potential to be creepy, but turns out to be just silly. Even though it was great to see that guy from Weird Science again (so I guess this time he replaced Michael Biehn instead of Bill Paxton xD ).

  • hakan majdi

    hey guys wait the collector part 3 he is name the collected marcus dunstan told this in this site

    • djblack1313

      that sucks, hakan. i’m usually not one to say “well since I don’t want any more of such and such a movie then NO ONE should have that movie” but the way the 2nd movie ended so perfectly a third movie will easily ruins the impact of that brilliant ending.

  • Aaron Emery

    Got my Blu a couple days ago, I thought this was an awesome movie. I would even go as far as to say it’s better than the original.
    And no, we don’t need a Part 3. I’m not sure what the box office take on this movie was but I’m sure it wasn’t enough to warrant a decent budget for a third film. The ending on this one closed the story nicely!


    This was my favorite horror movie last year, buying the dvd this week, cant wait to watch it again!

  • Jasonicus

    This movie was amazing. I need to get this Blu Ray very soon.

  • hakan majdi
  • djblack1313

    the movie cost at least $10 million to make. it’s made (worldwide) $6,842,058. i don’t see a 3rd movie. but who knows.

    • djblack1313

      also that interview hakan is from November 27, 2012. and he does not confirm a part 3. he’s asked

      “Are you gonna shake it up and have him out of the mask?”

      Dunstan: “Yes. If that film comes to pass, yes. ”

      that was last year and IF a 3rd film was going to be made. the movie lost money.

  • hakan majdi

    look brother djblack1313 i respect you opinion but look if you see movie i spit on your grave 2010 we see in end complete because the woman kill all crimanl guys Raped her but dairector make part 2 this year read this

    maybe director have other story for this part and good story.
    the collection mostly come in begaun 2014 or 2015 if not come 2014 or 2015 im sure not make part 3. belive me we need know who man send collector and marcus let ending open because make for 3 part.

    some movies i Wondering why not make other part because end not complete like : the descent 2 and the hills have eyes 2 (2007)and other thing the evil dead sam raimi told make part 4 and will soon write screenplay. but evil dead remake he looks good but i think not like part 1 and 2 maybe part 4 will be more gory and bloody like 1 and 2.

    best wishes

    • djblack1313

      best wishes back to you! 🙂

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