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As We Suspected, ‘Evil Dead’ Is A Sequel That Eventually Leads To Major Crossover In ‘Evil Dead 7’!!

Director Fede Alvarez dropped a bomb on WonderCon audiences during an Evil Dead panel this Sunday in the Anaheim convention center n California.

Back when the red band trailer had been released, We had pointed out some interesting imagery that suggested that maybe the new Evil Dead, in theaters April 5, was actually a sequel. Alvarez confirmed this to the WonderCon crowd, while also adding something major.

He told audiences that an Evil Dead 2 (followed by a planned Evil Dead 3), and the recently announced Army of Darkness 2, will eventually crossover for the ultimate cult horror movie Evil Dead 7, reports Movieweb. So, after two sequels to the current remake – the remake universe will collide with the old “Ash” universe in a film that will amount to be the 4th installment in both franchises.

At this time, Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan Raimi are working on the screenplay for Army of Darkness 2, which will continue the story of Ash as seen in the original The Evil Dead from 1981. While Fede Alvarez might have been joking, suggests the site, who was on hand for the panel, he seemed serious when he said he plans to join both his new franchise together with Sam Raimi’s old franchise.

Hail the king, baby.




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