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Get All The Gore In This Extended Red Band Trailer For ‘The Last Of Us’

What’s better than a red band trailer? An extended red band trailer, obviously, duh. The Last Of Us is definitely looking like one of those rare games that gives non PS3 gamers a reason to buy one. In this trailer we get an awesome and gory look at what it takes to survive in the post apocalyptic world The Last Of Us will thrust us into. Check it out past the break, and don’t forget about the games release this June exclusively on the Playstation 3.



  • ThunderDragoon

    That looks really great. I’ll definitely be getting this.

  • Introverted Surd

    The trailer changed my mind for this game. Before I was not interested but now I will have to check it out but could someone please explain what the difference between the red band and the extended red band was because I could not see any real difference.

  • Canucklehead

    And another delay announced in 5…..4…3…2…..?

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