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“Groovy!” Horror On Top Again As ‘Evil Dead’ Cleans Up With An Estimated 26 Million!!

FilmDistrict and TriStar’s Evil Dead remake handily won the box office this weekend with an estimated $26 Million haul. That’s pretty impressive for an “R” rated horror film, especially one as gory as this. Interestingly enough – the film only scored a C+ cinemascore, which would seem to indicate that exit polling among randomly sampled attendees on Friday was mixed right down the line between “love it” and “hate it.”

While I had a total blast with the film, I understand how some could be disappointed. Evil Dead is a 31 year old property and means many different things to many different people. It’s had a lot of time to seep into the culture and become a part of people’s lives. It’s important to some for entirely different reasons than it is for others, so if remake isn’t in the aesthetic of whatever you hold Evil Dead up to be, I get it. And perhaps some viewers never recovered from some of the clumsiness in the 1st act.

Still, I’d be willing to bet that a good portion of that “C+” was people stumbling out of the theater disgusted, people who never wanted to be there but were dragged in by their super-fan significant other. Either way, it looks pretty good for Evil Dead 2 and I’m genuinely curious to see where Alvarez takes the franchise.

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