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“Groovy!” Horror On Top Again As ‘Evil Dead’ Cleans Up With An Estimated 26 Million!!

FilmDistrict and TriStar’s Evil Dead remake handily won the box office this weekend with an estimated $26 Million haul. That’s pretty impressive for an “R” rated horror film, especially one as gory as this. Interestingly enough – the film only scored a C+ cinemascore, which would seem to indicate that exit polling among randomly sampled attendees on Friday was mixed right down the line between “love it” and “hate it.”

While I had a total blast with the film, I understand how some could be disappointed. Evil Dead is a 31 year old property and means many different things to many different people. It’s had a lot of time to seep into the culture and become a part of people’s lives. It’s important to some for entirely different reasons than it is for others, so if remake isn’t in the aesthetic of whatever you hold Evil Dead up to be, I get it. And perhaps some viewers never recovered from some of the clumsiness in the 1st act.

Still, I’d be willing to bet that a good portion of that “C+” was people stumbling out of the theater disgusted, people who never wanted to be there but were dragged in by their super-fan significant other. Either way, it looks pretty good for Evil Dead 2 and I’m genuinely curious to see where Alvarez takes the franchise.

Check out my entire review here And don’t forget to write YOUR review here! Oh, and where would you like the sequel to go?



  • STRIK9

    For a 2013 reimagining of a classic film,Alvarez did a great job. I’m glad it wasn’t the typical glossy and lifeless Hollywood remake. I hope they bang these movies out quickly. Too bad Raimi’s weak ass couldn’t have done something with this franchise for the last 20 years.

    • goose101

      I thought this held the candle pretty close to the original. That being said, I fucking loved it.

    • weresmurf

      Dude, don’t be slagging off Raimi, that’s just weak. His ‘weak ass’ was instrumental in getting this MADE at all. He consistently backed Alvarez from the getgo and had the vision to say ‘YES! 100% prosthetic for sure!’ when Alvarez brought the idea up instead of what’s done in horror these days. He also supported him with the absolute push for R rated (with NC17 on the dvd), which is nigh on unhead of in bigger budget horror. So yeah, give Raimi credit where credit is due.

  • thank god its doing well. saw it in a theater with 2 friends and it wasnt packed whatsoever, I had visions of Dredd 3D & Drag Me To Hell.

    • feck

      I MUCH preferred Drag Me to Hell over ED. DMTH was actually creepy/suspenseful/scary and had me riveted from beginning to end. I almost nodded off a few times during the new ED.

      • definitely agree with you that drag me to hell was better, however I really liked evil dead, & since it’s doing well I can retain hope that raimi will make army of darkness 2 (and hopefully more harder edged films being made, just something different the saws and paranormal activities

      • Scorpionsy

        Yes, Drag Me to Hell was way creepier than this remake. It was classic Raimi with the dark humor..but when it had it’s scary scenes…they worked most of the time. Unlike this remake…which had no scares whatsoever.

  • Kwonkicker

    Yeah!! Once again, THIS is the year horror dominates.

  • Kroork

    I went on Friday at around 5:30, and we had to wait in like for the movie, which does t happen often. And walking out of the theater we saw that the next show to e had a LJ e that was double the size of the line I waited in. The movie definetly seemed to be popular.

    I had some negative thoughts about it but overall the movie was wickedly fantastic and I can’t wait to see it again!

  • Nothing333

    Hopefully it will hang on to some of its buzz and miss a significant drop next week. It would be nice to send Hollywood a message that hard R horror can make money. Not holding my breath though.

  • bambi_lives8980

    Not bad. The theater I was in Friday was packed, and everyone that I heard talking before and afterwards were pretty excited for it/talked well of it. Although I can’t help but to assume next week it will drop off the radar, at least it made some decent money opening weekend.

  • sascha henschel

    Ha, I predicted once about 30 mio.$ on opening weekend and 65 mio.$ in total on US box office.

  • feck

    I caught an early viewing today and there were 8 people in the theater. The movie is just okay – I’d recommend renting it when it comes out on DVD, and passing it in theaters. And it certainly is not “The most terrifying film you will ever see.” It’s not even scary!

    • Scorpionsy

      Thank you..that was what my main issue was with the movie when I wrote my BD review…it was NOT SCARY. Gory but not frickin’ scary!

  • Chaybee1

    Saw it yesterday. It sucked. Yes, it was gory but all reviews I read said it was actually scary and suspenseful which it wasn’t in the least. Gore does not equal scary. Matter of fact, I’m confident I’ve pretty much seen it all so gore is becoming very boring to me. Just my a-hole opinion.

    • Scorpionsy

      I would not say that it sucked at all…it was very entertaining. But I said min my review it was NOT SCARY and many people seem to agree with me on that…which is a shame because it would have been 10 times more effective if they combined the gore with a tension filled / claustrophobic setting and SCARY looking deadites like the original movie..not some Exorcist-looking wannabe deadite.

      That is correct, Gore truly does not equal scary at all.

  • Infect

    I think it was the best modern-day horror film to come out in a damn long time.

    • feck

      Perhaps, but that’s because 95% of them all suck.

  • EvilHead1981

    I still laugh that people gripe about it not being scary, like if they expected it TO BE. News flash people, it’s 2013, horror movies aren’t scary anymore. Hell, to be fair, the original ED wasn’t that scary either. Personally(and this is based on my opinion), gorefests aren’t about scares(never have been, never will be). I find myself being more creeped out by slow-burning movies(like The Conjuring looks to be, or if you wanna go old school, The Changeling). For get the posters said it was going to be the most scariest movie ever. That was just big talk that was easy to see through. Anybody who thought the bold claims were true probably still think the claim about Texas Chainsaw Massacre actually happening was true.

    That being said, ED reboot, not scary, but it didn’t have to be. It was all about the gore, and to me, the characters weren’t as bad as I initially THOUGHT they would be. They could’ve fucked them up in a Platinum Dunes-type of way. Development, IMO, was perfect within the context of the movie. Gore, cinematography and all the demon-stuff shined! They didn’t fuck it up with horrible dialog(like some of the stuff that was in the scirpt), they didn’t add a pointless sex scene(the tree rape being something entirely different), now ultra Hipster lingo, no ultra product placement or referencing modern pop culture, super catering to the MTV generation by blasting whatever flavor of the weak is on the radio stations(y’know, to appeal to them young kiddies). It was straight up horror, no fuckin frills, lean and mean. If I ever made a horror remake, I’d probably do it in the same way(trim the fat, go for the throat, no references to “hip pop culture”, no pointless shit for the sake of shit, all which I believe not only dates a movie, but tends to keep movies from being unique and, well, GOOD).

    • feck

      good comment – made me rethink my opinion of the flick. For the features you describe, yes – they did a good job. I loved the scene when she was being buried with the bag over her head – very effective. And the last 10 minutes kicked some ass.

    • dirtyghettok

      Great comment… Like what you said, “trim the fat, go for the throat”. If you ever make a film, please let us know. I like your style.

    • Scorpionsy

      I disagree with your comment that the original Evil Dead was not scary…IT WAS very scary. Not because of the gore…it was because of the setting…the tension filled/claustrophobic always feeling you are being watched feeling of the movie. Also, the sound design of the Deadites (and the makeup especailly Cheryl’s avatar) and music were really effective in adding to the scare factor. That movie gave me nightmares as a kid..and well into my teens. It is even pretty scary to me now in some scenes..not as much as before but still effective.

      Now this new movie, I agree retained the essence of Evil Dead from the original which is non-stop one after the other gore and violence after the first act of the movie. That was one of the only few redeeming factors of this reboot along with the final scene (minus the crappy looking abomination) that made the movie entertaining for me. Other than that …this has nothing on the original Evil Dead or even Evil Dead 2.

      Fede Alvarez did a great job with the photography…but still he does not hold a candle to the genius photography of Sam Raimi in the original Evil Dead…like the weird camera angles…the sound of the whooshing camera moving over the rafters and turning upside down.

      Heck this cannot even be considered related to the original in anyway in terms of timeline and settings. The original cabin was designed different…the book of the dead looks completely different including the pages (they even changes the cover of the book from the reboot’s script of a screaming human face …to that stitched dead skin…which is a step back)…and there is not Skull Dagger and no Tape recorder…and finally the Cabin was owned by the brother/sister/Mother…and the original movie’s group rented it for the weekend. The scene with Mia sitting on the oldsmobile felt like a nod to fans but it was like Mia’s parents or something owned the rusty car in the first place…like it was not someone elses.

  • Aaron Emery

    I thought it was, mostly, a perfect remake. *spoiler* Apart from the post-credit stinger it distanced itself far enough from the original to stand up on its own, while also having just enough subtle nods to please fans *end spoiler*
    It’s really great to see some R rated movies do well this year. Unlike ‘Texas Chainsaw’ I think positive word of mouth will carry this one for a few weeks.
    No it’s not scary but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I was in a packed theater and the 20-something girl next to me was balling and made her boyfriend walk out with her!
    *I’ll say it again, the siren playing in the music though the finale was fucking great!!

    • Scorpionsy

      Yes, one of the creepier elements of the music was that “Weeeeeeeeeaaaaawwwww” siren sound. It definately helped the music and the scenes…especially with the Nailgun and Natalie.

  • Kroork

    Sad the movie is out now and that the news will now stop. I have really
    Enjoyed evil dead

  • Slendy

    Just to recap, I thought Evil Dead was truly phenomenal. Some weak acting and crappy dialogue in the beginning but when Eric reads from the book, it’s phenomenal.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I enjoyed the movie; I’m glad it found success. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a string of movies where the filmmakers are not afraid to use more practical effects and push the envelope.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Good news! Another victory for horror in 2013!

    Finally saw this last night, and I LOVED every second of it. The gore, violence, the blood. Everything was so gruesome, gory, and violent. And Jane Levy was awesome! I enjoyed her in Fun Size, but she took everything to another level here. Pure awesomeness. Evil Dead 2013 is easily the best horror film I’ve seen this year, and I just adored every second of this film.

    I don’t like the first full trailer, but hopefully Carrie will snag the #1 spot on opening weekend in October. It would be unreal to have an Evil Dead film AND a Carrie remake grab number one spots in the same year.

    • Infect

      Agree 100%. And Jane Levy dominated her role. She was fantastic and took the movie to great heights.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Everything in the trailers was just the tip of the iceberg, especially Levy! When the possession takes over, Levy turns into this deranged hellcat, and the “kissing/tongue cutting” scene in the cellar was great!

        • egaltt23

          She’s an awesome actress. I really hope to see her in more films in the future. I didn’t know who she was until ED. She kicked ass.

          • Aaron Emery

            Even the small bits of her laughing as chaos ensued upstairs were fabulous! I hope she does some more genre films before drifting into other territory (they all do).

  • Ravinus

    It was pretty boring actually. But, I’ll give the unrated version a try. Maybe a little more gore or extended scenes will salvage it. Though,I doubt it.

  • Boonraiser

    I have to say that I enjoyed this treatment quite a bit when I saw it in a packed Friday night theatre. I just wish there was some sort of screening process to keep young, disrespectful teenagers out of the theatre. Obviously the ratings movies get don’t keep ignorant youngsters out of certain movies. I don’t blame all young people though. Some clowns next to me kept blurting out through the whole movie distracting many people around them. Why do idiots spend all that money to go to theatre to talk.

    • weresmurf

      Tell me about it. When I went to see Cabin in the Woods, had this dumbass sitting there with her friends, for 20 minutes of the movie she’s like ‘This is the second time I’ve seen it, this is where he…’ ‘and this is where he…’ ‘and here hes…’ after that I simply turned around and said once ‘Can you be quiet please?’ she kept going. I turned around again and loudly said ‘You’re spoiling the movie would you shut the fuck up?’ Needless to say, that brought the cinemas attention to her quickly lol.

      • Aaron Emery

        “This bitch about to get it OOON with Shakahspeya! My girl says they don’t even stay together in the end”- Brenda Meeks

    • evenscarier

      Fortunately I went to a matinee while the kiddies were in school, but there were still adults screwing with their cell phones and talking. I wish they could come up with a small size “Under the Dome” dome we could stick them under so they could just drive each other nuts. It could be a bonus feature watching them all snap on each other. Place wagers…that sort of thing…

  • Voorhees83

    I’m surprised this remake is getting so much praise as it is. While this movie was a decent horror remake, it left me feeling like so much was missing even if it is a different movie. The only thing people mention about this movie is the amount of gore and blood it has. I want a good story and I got less of one then the original.

    • joeshmo447

      I love how this comment is coming from a guy that likes Friday the 13th….like those movies tell great stories at all

      • sascha henschel

        exactly my thoughts.

        • Voorhees83

          I never was comparing this film to Friday the 13th you schmucks nor do I think F-13th tells great stories. I enjoy them because they’re campy and fun. Exactly the same reason why everyone enjoyed the original Evil Dead so much.

          My point was that the remake had less of everything besides the gore and blood. I don’t believe I put “award winning” or “great” story in my previous comment.

          • joeshmo447

            So ur proving my point, the original ED was good because it was campy and fun but didn’t have a great story, while the remake focuses alot on the story in the beginning then hits the fan with a crazy amount of shit. The original didn’t have a story to begin with, they go to cabin they die and ash is born into hero role at the end of the film…I don’t think people love the original for a story we haven’t seen a million times over, if ur looking for a better story than the original you got one.if ur looking for a good story in general your in the wrong genre

          • Scorpionsy

            @Voorhees83 – I agree with your point of view on the reboot having less from the original’s themes and elements..and more only of the gore.

          • Voorhees83

            No joescmo. I was not not proving your point. Your putting too much emphasis on the story part. I said the remake has less of “everything” which included less of a story. Let me replace the word “less” with weaker if that makes more sense.

            The remake was way too serious of a movie to be campy and fun like the original one. I choose the story of a group of people going to chill out in the woods for a weekend over a girl who’s popped too many pills. Like many are also saying, the deadites did not have much personality. All these things play out in the storyline. When it’s all said and done, I did not hate the remake.

          • joeshmo447

            Maybe its just our taste in movies. I’m the kind of guy that can enjoy a campy over the top cheese fest, and then sit through a completely serious brutal horror movie with no humor at all or if it has any its really dark. maybe ur thinking about ED2 because the first one raimi made was completely serious and that’s what the remake was going for too

          • Voorhees83

            Regardless if the original was as serious as the remake as you compare it, the remake took out the “campy” and “fun” factor out if it. One would think that campy, fun and cheese would be less serious. The cheesy, fun and campy “story” of the original is a “story” I prefer to the remake. Are either ones “award winning” or “great”? No.

            For the record, I can enjoy a brutal serious horror movie, but this is a remake we’re talking. I take it a little personal these days when Hollywood remakes my favorite horror movies. Furthermore, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • joeshmo447

            Agreed. And don’t worry I’m sure the sequel will be alot more cheesy then this one. but if not we can always count on the army of darkness2 and it won’t be a remake

  • PatSpEd

    I’ve been thinking since I saw the new Evil Dead on Thursday why I realize I didn’t like it more and more…there’s allot of reasons but at the risk of nerding out too much I’ll focus on one, I realize it’s because it dropped the ball on atmosphere, spookiness, eeriness, for instance there was a whole haunted house aspect to the original Evil Dead. A whole seemingly slow section of the movie where Bruce Campbell is alone in the cabin and the cabin itself is taunting him, shutters smashing, the clock spinning, it’s pendulum smashing from side to side, the camera switching from canted angles to upside down tracking shots, the projector in the basement blinds him before exploding, all the while the voices of his demonized friends tease him.
    This aspect of the original is what made it enduring, it had the cold loneliness of the Shining mixed with the gratuitous gore of Dawn of the Dead. Point being it wasn’t just the gore it was the eeriness of a cabin alone in the woods, it was the eeriness of a someone alone in that cabin.
    Now yeah you wouldn’t want the new movie to copy every shot, that’s pointless, but at least recreate that spooky aspect of the original in a new unique way. The main focus shouldn’t be just jumping from one scene of gore into the next. Don’t just attempt to gross us out, attempt to scare us. That would of been the greatest tribute to the original Evil Dead, to make us feel the same way we felt when we saw it for the first time.

    • Scorpionsy

      100% Agree with you…and I said exactly what you said in a reply to another similar comment a few posts above on this comments page. You hit the nail on the spot.

      That is EXACTLY what was wrong with this movie from that aspect..and part of why it was not a scary movie to myself and many others (including Evil Dead fans and non-fans alike).

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m so happy to read this. Loved the hell out of this movie.

  • violentdope

    They could have done better with it sure,but im happy with it.Im glad that a movie like this even got into mainstream theatres.Hopfully we will get more like this.I love gore and american mainstream films are cutting it anymore.I usually have to watch foreign horror to get my gore fix…props for that

  • violentdope


  • St.-Frantic

    Okay while I really enjoyed the movie, I feel there were some major plot holes. Can anybody help me clear these up please?

    According to Wikipedia, the woman that comes out of the ground at the end is the woman we saw at the very beginning of the film. I personally thought it was A Mia clone or something until I read this.

    So if it is the woman we saw at the beginning, didn’t she get burned alive and take a shot gun blast to the head? How could she be back in full form?

    Also Mia, scorched herself with hot water in the shower and created 3rd degree burns on herself. Although she is demonically possessed inside, her flesh would still be affected. So how in the hell did her skin return to normal after her live burial?

    And, if the woman demon wasn’t able to arise until five souls were claimed, then technically only four were claimed since Mia was revived from her brother.

    What is the deal with Hollywood not thinking their plots through? Like in Texas Chainsaw 3D. The main girl that belonged to the crazy family was obviously in her early 20’s, and it’s a continuation from the events in 1974 as stated, yet everyone has the iPhone 5 and is using Face Time?

    • Nothing333

      My assumption was that the creature from the ground was actually the “he” that the book of the dead refers to as rising after the 5 sacrifices are complete. The book kept referring to a him. The creature struck me as kind of Marilyn Manson circa Mechanical Animals.

    • Scorpionsy

      @St.-Frantic – I will help clarify things for you (having watched the movie 5 times already helps 🙂 )…SPOILERS:

      1- The Abomination coming out of the ground…is NOT..the girl from the beginning at all (she is done…gone..burned and head blown off). This is the flesh embodiment of Satan (also known as Shaitan in Arabic..which was written above his shadowy image on one of the pages of the book). The abomination was supposed to look like a mix of all of the killed victims/souls according to the movie script…half face of Olivia…have Eric/Natalie…but they cheaped out and made a crappy Mia-clone instead.

      2- This is what I have been telling EvanDickson all along because he commented in my BD review that Mia’s face burns were still there when she was revived. That is NOT Correct…Mia’s face as you said had all the Burns and damage done to it GONE…WIPED AWAY…and she had healthy normal skin…after she was revived. This is a HUGE movie mistake…and I don’t know how they kept this in the movie. Really Really bad move on the Director’s behalf.

      3- I understand your confusion…but technically the Abomination could rise because it already did KILL 5 people…including her brother (who decided to sacrifice himself…but still died anyway) and Mia who was dead technically and revived after…but was dead for a short while. This is a weak writing element in the script I agree…but that is the explanation for that aspect.

      Yes, the Tex Chainsaw Massacre 3D idea of a 20 year old niece who should have been in ther 30’s was also a lazy overlooked poorly written element in that movie’s script…and quite insulting to anybody with common sense and a sense of time/chronology.

  • DeadInHell

    Even though I despise this remake, a sequel could be interesting. But only if they stop trying to do their own thing (which is meritless garbage, as it turns out) and actually take some cues from the film they’re updating.

    Actually, the only way I can see a new Evil Dead 2 working out right is if they drop Alvarez and Diablo Cody and get some actual horror people in the mix, ones who might actually have seen the Evil Dead films before and enjoyed them. I think actually getting talented and knowledgeable people involved could do wonders for the sequel (I KNOW, RADICAL). If they keep this crew, I can only imagine the sequel will be another joyless, clueless, directionless mess.

    • Incinerated

      Some people want their remakes to be just like the original. Some people want them to be their own thing. After so many lame rehashes falling in line with the former, I’m glad we got the latter and it is filled with nods to the original without feeling like a carbon copy or totally uninspired (See: NOES).

      Also, Jennifer Check wears an Evil Dead shirt. So, I’m sure Diablo Cody was aware of Evil Dead. Honestly, they probably should have had her write more of this film. I know some people hate the dialog in this, but it doesn’t sound or play out like her writing to me. It leaves me wondering how much impact her pass of the script had on the film. Maybe we’ll find out later.

  • Evan3

    While not great by any means, it was competent and INTENSE. The jeep sequence was when of the best climaxes I have seen in awhile. I do wish the Deadites in this film had even one-tenth of the personality of Raimi’s deadites, but overall, I enjoyed myself! Bring on Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness 2 and the crossover!

    • Scorpionsy

      Thank you…as I said many times before…these new Deadites…have no personalities and have nothing in terms of looks and character on Raimi’s original Deadites. Such as shame and critical error from the producers and Director to do this.

  • scarletsimple

    I am happy its doing well. I loved it, and I was really ready to rail at it.

  • Scorpionsy

    Even with all the flaws of the remake compared to the original movie…I am glad it was a success so we can get a proper and better sequel.

    I agree that the next one should be respectful to the original in terms of that unsettling/alone/claustrophobic feeling which was sadly lacking in the remake…in addition to returning to proper SCARY Deadite characters AND makeup (are you reading this Patrick? I am looking at you…if you are back on the sequel…list to me and other fans so you don’t get burned again by taking the easy-way out and ripping of the Exorcist. Sorry man, but that is how I and others feel).

    Finally, keep Diablo Cody far away from the script and Fede should not write it either…let Sam and Ivan Raimi write it instead…Feded you missed the ball on many elements in your script unfortunately. Leave it to the original Evil Dead creators to come up with the next Terrifying Chapter, PLEASE!

  • DisturbedPixie

    I think it’s a little sad when a poor publicity run with misleading critics quotes ruin a film for people. I never go in thinking this is going to scare the hell out of me. Out of every ten horror movies I watch… maybe 1 scares me, if that. Most horror movies are more disturbing than scary, and this succeeded at being heavily disturbing. I think it was a great metaphor for addiction and withdrawal, and I saw that metaphor about rape killing you inside and leaving you a shell, that can be filled with anything. The original couldn’t throw those metaphors into the mix and relied far more on being disturbing and gory and quirky. I think this was far more gory and disturbing than it was before, Plus it actually had a message, and had great acting. Sure, it lost the humor, but I frankly never found the first Evil Dead as very funny. I found this 2013 rendition’s setting extremely dark and hopeless, and that’s what addiction really feels like. Since this is the 3rd time Within The Woods was re told… I think it finally came to a point where it’s more than a horror movie. It’s something that deserves dissection and thoughtful discussion. Unfortunately, far too many horror fans just want the tits, blood, and violence or the nostalgia of something other people aren’t cool enough to enjoy. I personally can enjoy the 52nd adaption of Alice in Wonderland, as well as the 8th, or the 20th, and I don’t have a problem with admitting it. Good story telling never gets old.

  • Cephalectomy

    I thought this movie was terrible. I had high hopes that it would at least be a fun movie, but instead I felt myself shaking my head in disapproval at this shitfest of a movie I was watching.
    The only decent thing about this movie was the gore and Eric’s character was the only character that was even half ways decent.
    The whole back story didn’t add anything to the movie, except the piss poor excuse to constantly flash the image of the girl from the beginning on screen. …Really? What is this, the grudge or the ring or some shit? *PUKE* THE POV shots from the original evil dead were far more effective.
    The new “deadites” or whatever you wish to call them, were terrible. They reminded me of Exorcist : The Beginning (another piece of shit film), coming across more as parody then scary or genuine in any way. Lines like “Why don’t you come down here so I can suck your cock, pretty boy?”…Seriously? Who finds this effective? It’s terrible writing and not shocking at all in this day and age.
    I really wanted to like this movie, I even rounded up some friends and went to the first showing on opening day. So I’m not just being a troll.
    Too much of this movie just didn’t work for me. There was a few nice subtle callbacks to the original but it didn’t even matter since the movie as a whole just did not work for me.
    I thought Mia’s resurrection was a complete cop out. That whole thing worked so much better in the original (as a trick).
    Even the tree rape scene was weak, they should have just done something different or nothing at all, the original is far more effective.
    This felt like what I’d call a “try-hard” movie. It really wanted to push limits and be over the top, and while it was very gory, it still didn’t push enough to really give me any sense of AWE at the “spectacle” I was watching (something along the lines of Braindead[Dead Alive] would be Great!).
    I realize some people probably like just about anything that is horror and gory. I am a huge horror fan, but I’m also quite picky about what I like. Evil Dead 2013 just didn’t have any of the tension the original had.
    The original might have had cheap makeup effects and some cheesy scenes, but it comes off much more realistic and creative to me.
    My only hope is that the success of this film leads to an Army of Darkness 2. However, It saddens me to know that means an Evil Dead 2 remake will also happen.

    P.S. Drag Me To Hell kicks the shit out of Evil Dead 2013. DMTH was fun, ED(2013) is a disgrace.

  • OldSchoolHorror

    Because its the first decent legit horror movie thats been released in mainstream theaters for years. Hopefully other studios will follow….probably not though…i smell Paranormal Activity 5 around the corner

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