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[Random Cool] Full Moon Cab Ride Prank Takes An Epic Turn!!

Ever wanted one of those insane prank videos to take a horrific twist? We’ve seen the ghost in the elevator one, but something more visceral? Seemingly inspired by the rash of intense Japanese prank videos, this one goes the extra mile into some fun detours.

We’ve all been in cabs where we’re not too sure of the driver, right? Head inside to see that uncomfortability taken to the next level.



  • sascha henschel

    they have also a good serial killer and train prank…

  • David Baros

    Oh , that was awesome! I miss the days when I used to scare the hell out of my brothers.

  • dirtyghettok

    Awesome, just awesome. Reminds me of a prank a few years back on Halloween me and a friend did. We put one our couch’s on the front lawn of our house with a scarecrow and candy on both sides of it. Behind the couch we had tall bushes you couldn’t see through, especially at night. We both waited behind them with dirty blue mechanic jumpsuits on with the classic ‘Jason’ masks on with chainsaws, but we took the chains off. So when kids and parents would come up for the candy we’d rev them up real quick hopping out from behind the bushes scaring the living crap out of them. Will never forget that night. Cops ended up getting called and showing up us getting evicted, lmao… And, no, regrets, at, all, he he.

  • DamienJohn

    Awesome concept and execution but this is actually staged guys..

    • Evil_Flip

      Yeah, I don’t think you could do this to random strangers without the risk of being sewed or the risk of the victim getting a heart attack.

      • Evil_Flip

        or what about pulling a gun and shooting the actor.

        • evenscarier

          That’s just what I was thinking. I’d had my safety off long before he pulled over.

          • chambertlo

            So, are you telling me that people shouldn’t pull pranks like this for fear of being shot by some idiot who carries around a gun? This, my friends, is why gun control is required. You gun nuts ruin everything.

  • flesheater24

    LMFAOOO that was funny as fuck. that chick pissed herself

  • doomas10

    This is awesome! Great stuff!

  • ThunderDragoon

    BlackBoxTV does some great stuff. You should feature them when they post new videos. They’re really awesome.

  • evenscarier

    The reactions of the girls was funny though. One was laughing and the other was so upset!

  • Introverted Surd

    If that was me I would have been scared shitless until I saw his teeth before he fully transformed. I had a set just like that as a kid.
    Kid of put me off that it was all well done and then he uses teeth you can pick up at a dollar store.

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