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How Many People Can Write In The ‘Exorcism Diaries’?

Black List writer Barbara Marshall has been hired by Summit Entertainment to do a new pass on the script for Exorcism Diaries, per Deadline.

The film is based on the book “The Real Story Behind The Exorcist” by Mark Opsasnick and is being produced by Roy Lee, Sonny Mallhi and Doug Davison. Summit’s tale centers on “a reporter searching for the truth behind the most famous exorcism in history, but soon discovers that the real-life story is not quite finished. As a result, she finds herself in harm’s way of the same supernatural entity that she is chasing.

No word on if Marshall is doing a page-1 rewrite or if she’s working from the prior drafts by Jay Baruchel, Jesse Chabot and Mark Opsasnick.



  • Evan3

    [300 voice] This… sounds…TERRIBLE! Have we learned nothing from the two Hitchcock “making of” films that bombed last year? Also, let’s keep in mind that a good exorcism film hasn’t been made since… The Exorcist.

    • Raziel_cz

      Allow me to disagree. While I’m at one with you about the Exorcism Diaries, I have to point out an exorcism movie that I find really good – The Exorcism of Emily Rose with awesomely possessed Jennifer Carpenter.

      • Evan3


        I didn’t see Emily Rose under great circumstances (watched it from within a projection booth), but I don’t remember being that impressed. Nonetheless, while there may be some solid/ok possession films, none have come close to The Exorcist.

        @dr.lamb – Yes, I do think filmmakers should try something new. I think the flaw of so many exorcism films is they try too hard to replicate the graphics, effects, or storylines without adding anything. That being said, I am sure some enterprising filmmaker can inject life into the genre again.

    • dr.lamb

      I have to agree. “The Exorcist” said it all, no movie added something new. Same ol’, same ol’.

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