Mike Mendez Goes From 'Big Ass Spider' Back To 'The Convent' - Bloody Disgusting
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Mike Mendez Goes From ‘Big Ass Spider’ Back To ‘The Convent’



I’m not sure how official this is since they haven’t decided on a title yet (and it sounds like it’s one option on a list of many), but Big Ass Spider director Mike Mendez is toying with a sequel to his 2001 film The Convent with original writer Chaton Anderson, per Fangoria. Not yet sure if it will be called The Devil’s Convent or something else (ie The Convent 2), Mendez does seem keen on the idea of killing a few more nuns.

He tells them, “Chaton Anderson [who scripted the original] wanted to revisit it and I was like, ‘I only want to do it if it has a unique point of view.’ For those who saw the first movie, there’s something that happened in the ’60s [seen in an attention-grabbing prologue] that sets off the events in the present, so we want to do ‘The Convent’ in the ’60s. It’s more a period piece: the adventures of young Christine [Barbeau’s heroine], kicking ass early on… We’re looking at calling it ‘The Devil’s Convent’, and it would kind of be its own thing, but if you know the original, they do connect. It’s being written right now, so we’ll see where it goes.

More on this as it comes in.