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Scream Factory Reveal Their Artwork For ‘The Fog’ Blu-ray!

Speaking of Scream Factory, their Blu-ray release of The Fog will be the first time that film has landed on the high-def format in the US. And they’ve just unveiled the cover for their product! As always, you can just flip the insert around if you want the original poster.

Look what just rolled in…our newly retro-styled designed artwork for John Carpenter’s THE FOG! This new “remix” of the ghostly classic comes to us from artist Justin Osbourn. As always with our Collector’s Editions, the reverse wrap will have the original theatrical key art (the iconic one with Jamie Lee Curtis bolted up against the door).

The DVD & Blu-ray go on sale July 30th. An announcement of the bonus features is forthcoming. Head inside for the art!



  • Canucklehead

    That will perfect right beside the painting of the dogs playing poker.

  • eagleye25

    Scream Factory, your cover art is real hit-or-miss…which is strange because it looks as though it’s done by the same artist, or at least in the same style. meh.

  • ghengis

    Not the same artist as the others. Nate Milliner did the others and is awesome. A shame they didn’t let him do The Fog cover.

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