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[Boredom Bytes] A Bittersweet Zombie Film, ‘Saturday The 14th,’ Zero Punctuation Reviews ‘The Walking Dead’

Boredom Bytes is back, bitches!

That was inappropriate, I apologize. It’s just that I get easily excited, and sharing awesome Internet videos with all of you makes me excited, then on top of that I’ve had like, a lot of Mountain Dew. Too much, probably. Is two two liters too much? WebMD probably has the answer for that. Before I go check to see if I’m about to fall into some sort of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup induced coma, I’d very much like to share a couple of amazing videos with you. Check them out after the break.

First up, the most touching zombie film (short or otherwise) I’ve ever seen, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the Mountain Dew talking. This is The Road of zombie movies, and that’s saying something for a genre that is often depressing. It’s bittersweet, and if you don’t take eight minutes out of your day to watch it, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. It’ll touch you, and not in the show-me-on-the-doll kind of way.

Cargo from Daniel Foeldes on Vimeo.

Feeling a bit down? After watching the above video, I wouldn’t blame you. Let’s cheer up a bit with this significantly cheerier horror parody, created by a group of 3D Animation and Visual Effects students at Vancouver Film School.

Saturday the 14th from Kristjan Lyngmo on Vimeo.

Zero Punctuation tears The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct a new one — along with everyone else, including us — in his amazing video review series. If you’re still frantically trying to erase that zombie flick from your mind, this ought to do it.

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  • Lovey1014

    Cargo was bittersweet…I was worried the dad would die somewhere remote and Rosie would be left to die. Funny how no words are spoken yet so many emotions were still evoked. Great little short!

    • Adam Dodd

      VERY bittersweet. When the dad was shot I was afraid he’d fall backward and squish the baby.

      • Ultrazilla

        LOL…I was thinking the same thing. I almost expected to see him fall back, then hear something similar to a watermelon being dropped before the screen fades to black! Really enjoyed it…the bag of guts to lead him around made me laugh though. 😉

  • weresmurf

    That was fantastic. I’d love to see an anthology series like that done by different directors set in a zombie apocalypse. 10 minutes max, like VHS was done. Short stories like that can often give the best results. Just my two cents. Perfect short movie 🙂

    *sniffle* Dawwww damn it.

  • Canucklehead

    Cargo had more soul than most of the trash playing at the Mulitplex.

  • suedepup

    Dang. I wish one single episode of The Walking Dead was as powerful as Cargo. Awesome short!

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