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[Box Office] ‘Evil Dead’ Makes Its Own History, ‘Scary Movie 5’ Sorta Flops

Back in 2006 Scary Movie 4 took in a disgusting $40M in its opening weekend for Dimension Films. Either audiences have learned their lesson, or they have horror spoof fatigue after A Haunted House earlier this year – but either way, Scary Movie 5 failed to perform this weekend opening at the number 2 spot with an estimated $15,153,000 at 3,402 locations.

What’s more depressing is the -63.1% drop for Evil Dead, which landed $9.5M in the fifth spot. Still, the $41.5M total more than doubles the original trilogy’s gross! With a production budget of $17M, there’s no reason a sequel to the Fede Alvarez-directed remake shouldn’t still be in the cards. Expect a quick turnaround on that – and for studios to lighten up a bit on potential R-rated projects.

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