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Poster For ‘The Night Visitor’ Stalks In…

We’ve now got a poster for Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s (The Victim) directorial debut, The Night Visitor. The Film stars Vedette Lim (pictured above; “True Blood). She joins the previously cast Brianne Davis (Prom Night, Among Friends, Jarhead), Gary Cairns (Hero Wanted, “Justified”), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (“Dark Angel”, Wrong Cops, The Victim), Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way, Ocean’s 11) and Tara Buck (“True Blood”, “Justified”, Tomorrow You’re Gone).

With a mix of both sci-fi and horror, the film will be lensed with the found footage style that has become popular within the genres. Ruhmann helmed the story and will Executive Produce with Blanc-Biehn; Gantt will produce, screenplay written by the Marcus Bros (Hidden In The Woods-Remake, The Farm).

This project is created outside of her Blanc Biehn Productions company and starts filming in Los Angeles this month.



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