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Rob Zombie Says ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’ Might Be A Movie

In an interview with shock rocker Rob Zombie, ARTISTdirect has found out that the new album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor might one day be turned into a movie. The album will be released April 23rd.

Zombie states, “Well, I think it could. I made it with that in mind. At least in my mind — no one else knows this — I wanted to have a storyline that runs through the record so if someday I wanted to make it into a movie musical like The Who’s “Tommy” or “Quadrophenia”, there was a structure to follow. I’m not really talking about what it is because I think it’s sort of relevant at this point. Maybe that’s why that sense comes through.

If this does happen, I’m very confident in saying that Sheri Moon Zombie will have a leading role and Rob Zombie will find a slew of b-horror actors that we haven’t seen since some obscure film in the 70’s or 80’s so that he appears hip and cool.

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  • Voorhees83

    I’ve always had respect for Rob Zombie and still do, but this new album is terrible. It’s seriously his worst to date. In my opinion, Hellbilly has turned into full blown hillbilly. I do enjoy all his movies and I look forward to the “Lords of Salem” this weekend. Unfortunately, the music takes a few steps down on every record.

    • huntermc

      Personally, I think the new album is his best since Hellbilly Deluxe. John 5 really steps it up and makes it apparent what has been missing on the last couple of Manson albums.

    • evildeadshane

      I am a fan of Rob Zombie’s movies, his cartoon El superbeasto, and of course early White Zombie but… This album in my opinion was his worst, and his last album Hellbilly Deluxe II was his 2nd worst album. I dig his first 3 solo albums, not really these last two besides a few tracks. Think it is time he just made movies. John 5 does save the album a little, but the songs are just very good. The single “dead city” is repetitive and the spoken word stuff he is doing sounds whack. He is also messing his songs up with fake accents or something like Eminem did on relapse. ha

      • evildeadshane

        just not very good***

  • KnightClaw

    I respect the man, too, but he needs to stop putting Sheri moon in every freakin film. It’s getting old. Try some some other actors! I like his gritty, nasty , dirty style in his movies, but his films start to all look the same, with long-haired trailer trash folk who curse like truck drivers from hell. I still want to see Lords of Salem, since I’m also from Mass, & love Halloween & Witches, etc.
    I still Hate his vision of HALLOWEEN 2, though. It was a VERY mean-spirited, self-hating, grimy , & silly piece of crap. Michael Myers is NOT a f**king HOBO with a beard. Taylor Scout is the most annoying bitch ever when she cries in the car, & Loomis acts like a book-selling butthole. & why did Angel Myers have a poster of Charles Manson ( a killer) in her bedroom if she is trying to get over the tramatization of the first Myers attack in H1?? WTF. The white horse & mom shit was Stupid as hell, he tore the Myers mask ( which looks lame) & only used the Halloween theme at the fkin END CREDITS. WTF . Everyone I talk to about thinks the same…. Worst piece of shit ever. It’s too bad cause it started off SO good with Michael attacking the hospital staff , outdoor security guard, & Laurie in that rainy night scene…. But then ROB decided to make that whole awesome sequence into a fkin DREAM! WTF? What a waste.
    Anyway, curious what he’s going to do with his upcoming HOCKEY team from Philly movie. Hope he changes his directing style a bit for a change.

    • Voorhees83

      From what I hear, Sherri Moon’s acting is better in “Lords of Salem”. Considering she’s Rob Zombie’s wife, I think she’ll always have a place in Zombie’s movies. I agree though, she doesn’t have to be in every single one.

      As far as Halloween 2, I didn’t hate it, but I agree on some things you mentioned. I always thought Michael Myers would be a hobo with a beard. After all, does he go home to shave and change? The white horse, overuse of foul language, the extreme personality of Taylor Scout I could have done without…especially the Charlie Manson poster. The greatness of the original series was leaving Michael Myers more of a mystery and not laying everything on the table like the remakes.

  • BloodyBirthday

    This album is his best yet. 2013 is the year of the Zombie!!

    • Voorhees83

      Oh common. Best yet? Anyone who actually listens to this album would disagree with that statement. Better then Hellbilly Deluxe? Try worst yet.

  • viking1983

    rob doesn’t need to appear cool. he is cool, johns sly dig at rob zombie was a huge miss

  • MikeSmith70

    Awesome. My site published an article recently reviewing ‘Venomous Rat. Good stuff.

    All that held it back from being truly great is the fact that it rehashes the formula of RZ’s past material. Not groundbreaking. But definitely kicks ass.

  • Sick_skwerl

    I love Rob Zombie’s music. But I would rather fill my underwear with ground beef and stuff starved rabid possums down my pants than listen to that song again.
    And I stand by that.

  • VictorCrowley

    Seems like these days, I quickly respond to everything I read about Rob Zombie with the simple question; “Why?”

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