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Kathryn Morris To Mourn ‘Alice, Sweet Alice’

Director Dante Tomaselli (Torture Chamber) has cast Kathryn Morris (pictured above;”Cold Case”) as the lead Catherine Spages in his remake of Alfred Sole’s ’76 classic Alice, Sweet Alice, in which a young girl is brutally murdered during her first communion and her strange and withdrawn older sister becomes the main suspect.

Per The Inquisitr, Morris will also co-produce with her production company Revival House and Mosaic Media Group partnering on the remake.

In the original, “Paula Sheppard is Alice, a pouty, petulant problem child at that awkward age living with her precocious little sister Karen (Brooke Shields) and single mom. When Karen is murdered during her first communion and Alice takes her place in line, suspicion immediately falls on her. Then a diminutive killer in a yellow slicker and opaque mask continues the reign of terror, and Alice’s estranged father takes up the investigation to prove her innocence.



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  • dr.lamb

    Damn, I love the original. It has such a sleazy atmosphere and the art direction is outstanding. And it was pretty original for that time to do kind of a “Retro”-horror (the movie takes place in the 60s). But I am not against the remake, there is enough space for a reinterpretation.

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