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Woman Does Amazing Pole Dance To ‘Twin Peaks’ “Falling”

One of the biggest reasons I love David Lynch’s fantastic TV series Twin Peaks is the amazing score by Angelo Badalamenti. Seductive, creepy jazz? I’ll take all I can get and more, please and thank you. Then there are the ethereal vocals of Julee Cruise, which gave the music an almost angelic, heavenly feel.

Alright, enough about my boner for Twin Peaks (trust me, it’s massive). Below is a video of Bugsy Monroe, a pole dancer from London who did a highly edited and stylized routine to “Falling” (hence my little blurb about Badalamenti and Cruise). It’s totally SFW, so no worries about watching it on the job. Unless your boss is a hard ass, in which case you can send him to me. I won’t really do anything, but at least he’ll be out of the office long enough for you to watch the video.

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