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[Random Cool] Every Hitchcock Cameo In One Clip!

Now that those two iffy biopics are out of the way we can concentrate on the most important part of Alfred Hitchock, his films and his legacy. And his legacy wasn’t always as dour as his subject matter (which itself wasn’t always that dour). He was often known to make cameos in his films as sort of an easter egg to his audience. Today we have a supercut (via Retroist)

In fact he made cameos in 39 of his films, stating, “I always give a little thought to my appearances and come on as early as possible– don’t want to hold them in suspense for the wrong reason! I’ve been in all my films on and off. Missed a few. Only cancelled one.

Head inside to check it out!



  • BabyJaneHudson

    Fun! I went through a big Hitchcock phase when I was in high school and looking for his appearances was always a fun little extra in each film. And I was proved wrong – I was disappointed watching Under Capricorn (for more than 1 reason)- I couldn’t find him – apparently he was just very subtly placed in that one.

  • Mr.Mirage

    Always been a serious Hitch fan. I remember reading in a book about underground film that he was slandered, the author stating that Hitch could never be considered as a “true artist” because he refused to work outside the studio system.

    The book went across the room, and from there to a fire. My book, I paid for it, not a government action: I burned it as it was offensive to me, personally. For that reason…

    For the record, the rest of the book was just as bad.

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