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[Random Cool] More Practical Effects That ‘The Thing’ Covered In CGI

Remember The Thing? The one from two years ago that shot with all practical effects only to have them painted over with CGI at the last minute? StudioADI has released another one of their awesome videos, this one’s called “The Thing Torso Puppet.”

While it doesn’t show a torso (at all), it does show a cool pair of robotic legs that were going to be used to represent half of someone whose torso is being eaten by The Thing. You just can’t recreate the physics on display here, the way these legs fight with gravity isn’t something easily approximated with CGI. Another look into the film that could have been.

Per StudioADI, “Built to show Henrick’s legs kicking as he’s being swallowed by the “Thing” under the shack, this cable-controlled puppet had a personality of it’s own. Would love to dress it up and shoot it somewhere in public. Coming soon to a railroad crossing near you!

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