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Relativity May Have Found ‘The Crow’!

Relativity’s The Crow may have found its Eric Draven. With James McAvoy tied up in the currently filming X-Men: Days of Future Past it appears as though Tom Hiddleston (pictured above; The Avengers) is in talks for the role.

Per The Wrap, “[he] is in early discussions to play Eric Draven in Relativity Media’s reimagining… Hiddleston recently had dinner with producers and sent them a makeup test that he did on his own in London. He will undergo a proper makeup test in the coming days, as the character’s appearance is important to fans of the franchise, who should be delighted with the casting of a major member of the Marvel universe.

The film is the latest adaptation of James O’Barr’s revenge comic from 1989. F. Javier Gutierrez is still attached to direct. It seems that Cliff Dorfman (Warrior) is now tackling the screenplay. No word on how much of earlier writer Jesse Wigutow’s draft is making it in. Brandon Lee made the franchise famous when he starred in the 1994 adaptation directed by Alex Proyas.



  • DarrelDreadful

    I honestly forgot that they were even interested in actually doing this.

  • frankstark

    i don’t know about you, but i’m not really looking forward to this remake of the crow, it’s just the original movie was fine on it’s own and Brandon Lee did a good job playing Eric draven to the point that he will be remember for that roll ever since his death, i think they need to do is just do the crow movie as it’s own movie not as a remake of the original. make the story on how the legend of the crow started

  • KnightClaw

    It’s a Re-imagining of The Crow, not a remake. I personally enjoy different VERSIONS of things. Just like EVIL DEAD is a alternate version . Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t riun the Original movie to make a different version. People get so freakin uptight
    Whenever a director decides to make a Re-telling of the same basic story. I’m going to enjoy it, anyway. Film is Art ,& therefore , can be interpreted in several different ways.

  • djblack1313

    i’m not a big CROW fan (i DO like Sheryl Crow though! lol) but Tom Hiddleston is a really good actor. i’d watch this remake/re-imagining/etc with him on board.

    • Aaron Emery

      I too prefer Sheryl over The Crow! It does have a huge cult following though, perhaps it just wasn’t for me.


    He’s alot more famous than i would want someone for this role now, but this could work. The crow RE-IMAGINING doesn’t have to be as gothic as the brandon lee version to be dark. I know it’s flogging a dead horse but THE DARK KNIGHT was dark without being pitch black dark. you can go to that place without force-feeding gothic and dark cliche’s.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    The Crow is one of my favorite movies of all time. When I heard they wanted to remake it, I was completely disgusted, but now I don’t even give a fuck. I’ll always have the original film and no matter who they get to play Eric Draven or how much money they spend on this film, it won’t beat the original. I firmly believe that. At the very least, it’ll probably be better than those horrid sequels, but whatever. Everyone now knows that nothing is sacred, so Hollywood can keep remaking good movies and I won’t flip out over it anymore because now I can just laugh at the lack of imagination and creative bankruptcy. Of course there are good remakes, but why not remake obscure films instead of known classics? Oh yeah, because that’s risky. I wish someone would remake “The Burning” or “Curtains” cuz that old hag mask freaks me the fuck out. Good God, if only they’d let us fans give them ideas. I bet the majority of you guys on this site have some cool ass ideas for movies.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Also, not being a dick towards anyone, but it’s interesting to me that a lot of people complain about remakes of certain cult classics, but not too many people object to this one. I don’t know, I guess for me, the film is so much more personal because it was Brandon Lee’s last film and he died while making it. It’s like a memorial. Comment if you feel the same way.

    • zog71

      I’m a huge fan of the original film. Love it! When I first heard that there may be a remake or re-imaging of it I was pissed, but knew whether I cared about it or not, it would happen. I am intrigued that Tom Hiddleston could be Eric Draven. Looking at his face I can see him with the makeup on. Does that mean I’m still not upset that a redo is in the works? No, just saying that I would be okay with him in the title role.

    • Darkness69

      I objected it right from the start, when they were even thinking about Jason Statham! The artwork for Brandon Cooper was OK, and while the possibility of Tom Hiddleston tackle the title role is interesting, it can never be even close to Brandon Lee. I Think The Crow should just be left alone. However, they’re probably not going to do that, so at least they should have someone better for the role than the aforementioned Statham (I cringe at the thought)!

    • Darkness69


  • Spike0037

    First off I am a huge fan of “THE CROW” I have it on VHS,DVD, THE 2 DISK DVD AND BLURAY. I have statues and the comics and the making of book you name it I most likely have it. But it does not bug me what if they make this one more like the comic. WOW that’s a thought. When the news came out about the “EVIL DEAD” remake every one lost there shit and were bitching and moaning. When that red band trailer came out for it get wet like a dog in heat and changed your tune. So just wait and see what happens. And get to quote Eric Cartman”the sand in your vagina”

    • Spike0037

      And to quote Eric Cartman ”get the sand in your vagina”***

  • Mives

    It really get’s down to if they are going to re-imagine/remake something, then give the source material and the following it’s created the respect it deserves and go all in. We’ve all gotten used to Brandon Lee as the Crow and he was excellent but by getting a British thespian actor in Hiddleston, James O’barr’s words will gain better traction.

  • KnightClaw

    A different Version does NOT Erase the original classic film.
    The original will always be there to enjoy & to remember Brandon by.
    Film , like Music , is ART, & ART can be interpreted in many different ways, so I would LOVE to see an alternate version of The CR0W , especially if its a direct adaptation of O’Barr’s graphic Novel!

  • watch the new trailer for Thor 2 and his hair is long and messy I was like ok yeah I can see it but in all honesty lets let this one be. we don’t need a remake reboot re-imagining. their is already 4 different Crow movies. call it “The Crow V” or something but the Original is great. and the Soundtrack is perfect. STP, The Cure, Golgotha Tenement Blues, just epic.

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