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6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying



Of all the games on this list, DreadOut may be the most familiar. At its core it’s a lot like Fatal Frame, and I mean that in the best way possible. There’s room for more than one — or two, if you count the abysmal 3DS game Spirit Camera — spirit photography game, and if you’re not located in Japan or motivated enough to import a copy, you probably haven’t played a Fatal Frame game since The Tormented back in 2005.

That’s where indie dev Digital Happiness comes in with their wonderful homage to the series that manages to escape the confines of the indie horror genre by looking and playing remarkably well. You’re still taking pictures of ghosts, only this time with a camera phone instead of a camera obscura. It also has a distinct Indonesian flavor, which you can see in its enemies and locale.

DreadOut is the survival horror game fans, including myself, have been craving for years.

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