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6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying

Mikami is what some call the “father” of survival horror. This is because he’s one of the minds behind the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis series. He also had a hand in one of my favorite recent horror games, Shadows of the Damned. His next game, and potentially the last title he’ll direct, The Evil Within, is easily his darkest yet. We haven’t seen actual gameplay, but if it’s anything like its live-action trailer than I expect it will be a deeply disturbing game.

Judging by the batch of images — they’re more concept art and bullshots than actual screenshots — we can at least see what Mikami and his Tango Gameworks studio is aiming for. To me, it looks like everything Resident Evil fans have been asking for. The camera, combat and some of the enemies are reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, but the art style and story are significantly darker.

We won’t know for sure whether Mikami will go out with a bang or a whimper, but I have very high hopes for this — I even have a wish list for what I’d like to see from the game.

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