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6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying

Zombie Studios is the studio behind the series of games based on the Saw films, a mixed bag of games that started off with serious potential before Flesh & Blood went and ruined it all. The developer is no stranger to the horror genre, and they’re next game, Daylight, looks to be taking a few pages out of more recent genre games.

For starters, unless you count your camera phone, you’re totally unarmed. Amnesia, Slender, Outlast (more on that later), this has become a trend. While I don’t necessarily need every horror game I play to throw me into a dangerous area without a weapon, I’m glad more developers are jumping on this bandwagon.

That’s great, but to me what’s most interesting about Daylight is how short it is. It’s bite-sized horror. A playthrough can be completed in thirty minutes, and thanks to the prowess of Epic’s new Unreal Engine 4, each time you play the world is randomly generated, making every playthrough unique.

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