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More ‘The Evil Within’ Details Emerge Along With A Glimpse Of The Asylum

In their preview of Mikami’s The Evil Within, German news site PC Games unveiled an exclusive look at the asylum where at least the beginning of the game takes place. Between this and IGN’s reveal, it seems as if Bethesda only wants to drip-feed us information on this game via exclusive looks. That’s a pity.

Yeah, it’s a screenshot, but it’s something, and that’s better than nothing, right? I also have some clarifications and new info on the story details we reported on last week. More after the jump.

Take a gander at the exterior of the asylum where all flavors of horror are likely to take place.

As for the game’s story, it follows three detectives, including Sebastian, the lead character. The other two are Joseph and a woman they refer to as “the kid.” They’re investigating a mass murder at an asylum, which police have already responded to. However, when the trio arrive, they find out that everyone, including the police and the asylum’s residents have all been brutally murdered.

Upon investigating the security camera footage the group sees a hooded figure murdering everyone. Apparently, said hooded figure is the guy (gal, thing?) that knocks Sebastian out. He then wakes up in a new place and is forced to fight for his life.

There’s also a confirmed chase sequence involving a man with a chainsaw — a Mikami staple — and the HUD will be very basic, almost unnoticeable. I’d prefer no HUD (Silent Hill did this), the option to turn it off (Alan Wake), or you could get real clever and integrate it into the player character or environment (Dead Space), but at least it’s good to hear they’re not going to force us to look at an annoying interface. That doesn’t really work in a horror game, it breaks the immersion.

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