Return The Tape With This ‘V/H/S/2′ Poster!!

  • Zombie-Killa

    I enjoyed V/H/S for the most part. Kind of hit-and-miss (the second honeymoon/fortune teller machine short at the motel bored the shit out of me), but V/H/S also had some really cool and spooky spots (the ending, where the friends find the demonized girl at the “Halloween party” was PERFECT).

    Excited for V/H/S 2, and I’m hoping this evolves into a series, because I wouldn’t mind a part 3 or 4.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I agree. Found footage feature lengths have been kinda ruined by the PA franchise. But I like V/H/S for keeping it in a more simple format, better experience when things aren’t so slow or done to death.

    • weresmurf

      Indeed, the major difference is:

      PA: Whats happening in the: First 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes. IGNORE the complete rest.

      VHS and (allegedly) VHS2 : Whats happening through the whole damn story?

  • Incinerated

    “A second generation with no loss of quality.”
    “a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods.”
    “Who’s tracking you?”

    Ha, I love the marketing for this! Fun stuff!

  • janetgrey

    Anthology films need to make a serious comeback
    VHS has been a great start

    Yes there has been other recent anthology films
    but I’ve only thoroughly enjoyed VHS

    calm your tits people. it’s going to be decent at least

  • ill_mindedd

    ehh there was a few short stories in the first film that i liked, not all of them were as exciting as the next. but i think i’ll give this upcomming sequal a chance. why not?

  • Mr.Mirage

    I really enjoyed the first one, mostly because of the things people seem to hate about it. It was not all super horror, but varying degrees of unease, just exactly what I like in an anthology format. Looking forward to VHS2 and hopefully a 3.

  • Aaron Emery

    Amazing fucking poster! I believe I like it more than the first one, which I also liked quite a bit!
    I loved roughly 90% (yea, something like that) of the first one and from everything I’ve read this is even better. Even some of the toughest critics (read: Devin Faraci) have given this high praise. Can’t wait!

  • ThunderDragoon

    I loved the first one. Loving the tagline for this. Excited to see it.

  • fnckyon

    I’m so friekin’ excited for this! I loved v/h/s and can’t wait for s-v/h/s!

  • eagleye25

    Absolutely loved the 1st film. Can’t wait for this. Keep ’em coming!