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Live Action Fan Film Tackles The Dangerous World Of ‘Dead Island’

Haven’t you heard? Dead Island: Riptide is out, and it’s pretty good. If you haven’t gone out and grabbed a copy, this fan film should tide you over until you do. It’s called Dead Island: No Retreat, and it’s the work of Youtuber pwnisher. It also features Youtube celebrity Toby Turner, better known as Tobuscus, and without spoiling anything, it most definitely has an ending worthy of the series’ name.

If you enjoyed that, I also recommend checking out another live-action fan film we featured earlier this week called Dead Space: Chase to Death.

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  • doomas10

    This friday I am going to a trip to the dead island and I will be ready to kick some ass! Good fan film – wish though they could have shot it a hotel resort!

  • Joe-Banger

    And where is that doomas10? I played a game on Sega CD a long time ago “Isle of the dead” and real live actors were used in it. Any way it was a shooter game and I did’nt have a light gun but I used my Sega Arcade stick. Thats what Dead Island reminds me of and this video is really awesome! I own toy guns that look real and I wish I could film a video like this and of course I would need a lot of money and a film crew.

    • doomas10

      Hey Joe, it was a metaphorical comment 🙂 I just had my copy of dead island riptide delivered and my trip is ready to begin. Can’t wait to destroy any zombie opposing my victory!

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