Every ‘Silent Hill’ Ranked Worst To Best!

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We haven’t been receiving many post cards from our favorite foggy resort town — at least not since Book of Memories released last October — so to keep me from experiencing Silent Hill withdrawal I’ve decided to do the impossible. Okay, I suppose ranking every game in Konami’s longstanding survival horror series is far from an impossible feat, but it sure was difficult ranking games I’ve grown up with over the years. Even if all of you violently disagree with me and come at me, torches and pitchforks in hand, this was still worth it, even if it was only to grant me a brief reprieve from the shakes, sweats and fever that come from not at least talking about Silent Hill.

See how I rank each game in this awesome horror franchise after the jump, and feel free to offer your own list in the comments!

I tend to shy away from lists that actually rank games in a specific order, mainly because the initial wave of reactions to something like that tend to be brimming with comments like “why is [insert game title] at the bottom!” I don’t hate Book of Memories. It certainly isn’t a bad game and for the series’ first stab at introducing both cooperative multiplayer and heavy RPG elements, developer WayForward did a pretty solid job at incorporating both.

Unfortunately, for me, it didn’t feel like a Silent Hill game. It wasn’t scary, it was void of any of the psychological thrills the other games have and the story wasn’t all that engaging.

The Room has a weird place in my heart. On one hand, the monsters, atmosphere and Akira Yamaoka’s score are top notch. The torsos that walk on their giant hands and have twin baby heads that scream as they charge at you? Those terrified me. They’re up there with Resident Evil 4′s Regenerators on my list of monsters that made me want (okay, need) to sleep with the lights on.

On the other hand, the puzzles were nonsensical and often frustrating, the level design was atrocious and it was the final installment developed by Team Silent that wasn’t even originally a Silent Hill game. It probably didn’t help that it released during a time when survival horror games were losing their appeal. Resident Evil 4 would release the following year to breathe new life into the horror genre, and at the same time take it into a more action oriented direction.

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  • weresmurf

    Excellent article Adam, the reason Silent Hill 4 doesn’t feel like a Silent Hill game is a simple one, during development it was originally a different game, then half way through production Konami converted it over to being a Silent Hill game, this was while Silent Hill 3 was in production as well, they wanted to try to take the series ‘in a new direction’, hence the new town etc. The game was already turning out like a Silent Hill game so it wasn’t that much of a stretch. I remember reading all about it when SH4 first came out.

    • weresmurf

      CRAP my page didn’t fully load. You acknowledged this. My apology. I didn’t even get the whole list of games load up! I was wondering where SH2 was! lol

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    im still near the beginning of downpour. i put i down for a while. the only silent hill game i’ve played other than downpour was Homecoming, which i liked but it wasn’t really scary in my opinion. as for the rest – unfortunately i didn’t jump on the silent hill bandwagon till about 6 years ago because i used to be all about resident evil and i kept waiting for an actual resident evil HORROR title to be release but i gave up waiting. i need to check out the silent hill HD collection

  • romeostruedude

    Silent Hill 4 is worse than Homecoming and Shattered Memories? The storytelling, atmosphere, music and the creatures were amazing and scary! The only reason people didn’t like it was because it was different compared to Silent Hill 2 and 3.

    I’m sorry but I call this list bs. The worst:
    Silent Hill HD Collection (Oh, god. How they treated SH 2+3…that was a crime that should never be forgotten.)
    Silent Hill Book of Memories
    Silent Hill Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill Homecoming
    Silent Hill Downpour
    Silent Hill Origins
    Silent Hill 4
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 2

  • gomezaddams

    Best to worst, my opinion:
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 4:The Room
    Silent Hill:Downpour
    Silent Hill:Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill:Origins
    Silent Hill:Homecoming

  • Amazonagent

    This list is pretty in line with how I would rank it. I never played Book of Memories but The Room would be the worst on my list if I removed BoM. I would probably switch Shattered Memories with Origins since I liked it more than Shattered memories. I have yet to finish ‘Shattered’ for the same reasons as you, I really hate playing those Ice world sequences on a Wii mote. The regular world sequences are brilliant, but having to only run using a fickle control system the game just falls apart and I don’t even want to bother with it. I will hopefully finish it one day or I just may re-buy it from the PSN.
    Great list, nice work!

  • RedPyramidHead

    Mind Blowingly Awesome! – Silent Hill 2
    Horribly Underrated Greatness! – Silent Hill 4: The Room
    Amazing! – Silent Hill
    Cowabunga! – Silent Hill 3
    Okay – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Meh – Silent Hill: Origins
    Movie Aping Goofball – Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Monsters In Cars…. Bwahahahaha! – Silent Hill: Downpour
    Used Condom On The Side Of The Road – Silent Hill: Book Of Memories
    Blasphemy – Silent Hill HD Collection

  • Ultrazilla

    This isth the worsth lisp ever! ;)

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’ve played maybe 4 Silent Hill games and I’ve only beaten one. I didn’t really care for any of them. Maybe I’m just not into the whole open world thing. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to force myself to play through one without having to look up a strategy guide. Then again, maybe the SH games aren’t really for me.

  • Laugh Riot

    I’d like to see a remake of the first but not the Shattered Memories approach. Better graphics and a few extra things added to it would be awesome.

  • Backward-Compatibles

    his is a hard decision for me. But I think my list is pretty different from yours. I had to exclude Book of Memories as I have no played it yet. And based upon everyone’s rankings of it, perhaps I shouldn’t bother!

    From worst to best:

    Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill 1
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 4: The Room (i really do love this game. I will never understand why so many people hate it)
    Silent Hill 3 (They look like monsters to you?)

    Anyways, it’s always fun to see other people’s rankings of the series!


  • Datasushi

    Book of Memories is a spin-off game, so if you put it on tis list, you gotta put in Mobile, Orphan, The Arcade, etc.

  • RosarioV

    I agree with some of your rankings but for me personally your order is wrong. This is my Ranking worst to best:

    Silent Hill: Book Of Memories
    Silent Hill HD Collection
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 1
    Silent Hill: Downpour
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill: Origins
    Silent Hill 4: The Room

    Yes, I said it. In my opinion Silent Hill 4 is the best Silent Hill Game. I know it seems to be unpopular with the vast majority of people but It was the only one (other than SH3) to genuinely terrify me. The story was so genuine and the references to previous Silent Hills were also really good. The atmosphere and the monsters were so great and scary unnerving I don’t think any silent hill game has reached this level since then. Long story short, It’s hugely underrated and deserves more credit.

    Origins deserves massive props but I cant really put my finger on the reason why. Everything about it was great I think the nostalgia of seeing some of my favorite places and characters again was what made me like it that much. Even with a strange looking Dahlia and Alessa’s nose (she has a little piggy nose in the some of the cut scenes)it was a refreshing game that got back to the roots of the town with Alessa and the god and everything.

    I could go on explaining why I like about the others and what is wrong with the first 3 on the list but that would take forever (WTF were they thinking with Book of Memories!?) However I feel I should explain why SH2 is ranked so low on my list.

    Sure I love P Head and the story was really interesting especially with Mary/Maria and Angela was pretty cool too. I liked how it introduced the whole “tortured souls get trapped in Silent Hill” theme to the series and how peoples psyches are manifested on the town and it’s creatures. I just think it was a little boring, maybe if I played it before I played a majority of the series I would think differently. It was clunky and James sounded like a pack a day smoker whenever he stopped running. the monsters weren’t that scary and I think I just expected too much from it. I don’t hate it, it’s just not one of my favorites in the series

  • DGYT

    Wow. No Silent hill 2?

    • Radioactivechimp

      It’s ranked #1…

  • Cameron Fleming

    sh4 2nd to last, more importantly its behind homecoming and downpour.

  • AngieSquirrely

    I forgot about SH Book of Memories and I would figure SH4 would be last because I really dislike that one, it strays from the original plot and it shouldn’t even be SH. Shattered Memories I kind of like because its like a subseries and it’s non-combat. 3 was my all time favorite I’m going through my 5 run through of the game, trying to unlock the ufo scene >_<


    Ive finished SH 1 like 12 times SH 2 and 3 like 5 times each and SH 4 1 time. I can say that the best and scariest was SH 1 i think the bad graphics and vague dialogues with the weird storyline made it the best without even wanting to. SH 2 and 3 are tied up, they are both amazing each in its own way. Then SH 4… its ok not amazing not bad.